Simplifying IT Operations, Public Cloud Adoption, and DR Management Across Public and Private Clouds

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In today’s digital innovation era, organizations need to operationalize their applications and data as efficiently as possible, leveraging a hybrid environment spanning on-premises private clouds and public clouds. 

ESG completed a quantitative analysis of Nutanix Cloud Clusters (NC2), focused on IT operations an organization might expect to see when using NC2 to accelerate their digital transformation efforts. ESG also examined the performance of NC2 compared to on-premises deployments.

In this report, ESG found significant cost and productivity savings for any size organization through orchestration and automation of IT resources and operations tasks when deploying NC2: 

  • Up to 97% faster time to day one infrastructure deployment in the cloud than on-premises. 
  • Up to 96% reduction in IT administrator costs for infrastructure deployments with NC2 on AWS when compared to traditional infrastructure. 
  • Transactional storage performance equivalent to on-premises cluster nodes for random reads and writes. 
  • Up to 94% lower IT operations costs over time based on time to deploy infrastructure components, management of updates, monitoring and reporting, and troubleshooting two major issues per year.

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