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Business-critical applications
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Enterprises used to rely on three-tier SAN-based infrastructure to operate business-critical apps and their associated databases. This includes ERP, CRM, HR, collaboration, and analytics, as well as industry-specific apps and home-grown business apps.

However, the recent digital transformation has led to a massive influx of newly developed apps. Analysts predict 750 million new apps will exist by 2026, prompting IT leaders to question whether their current infrastructure can accommodate this growth.

As more organizations bet their business on a hybrid cloud strategy – with apps and databases spanning on-premises datacenters, edge, public clouds, colocation facilities, and service providers – having a flexible platform with exceptional scale is paramount.

Download this definitive guide and learn:

  • Top trends, challenges and opportunities for infrastructure modernization
  • Why organizations around the world are moving business-critical workloads and databases to a hyperconverged infrastructure
  • How the Nutanix Cloud Platform delivers improved performance, simplicity, agility, security, and business productivity

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