2024 Global Public Sector Enterprise Cloud Index Report: Key Findings

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6th Annual Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Index Report: Public Sector thumb

For the sixth year, Nutanix commissioned a global research study about the state of enterprise cloud adoption,  IT infrastructure and data management initiatives. Researchers surveyed 1,500 IT and DevOps/platform decision-makers, including those in the public sector.

To gain deeper insights into emerging trends in the public sector, this report delves into various aspects of IT modernization, including workload portability, security, compliance, adoption of AI, cost optimization, and navigating complexity.

Get this report to discover:

  • The stark differences in the current use of various IT models across federal/central government, state and local government, public healthcare, and education (including K-12, universities and colleges).
  • How public sector IT leaders are planning on significant change in their IT landscape within 1-3 years to better support cloud-smart IT.
  • Driving factors and challenges in IT modernization.
  • How public sector IT leaders are prioritizing AI and machine learning budgets and which obstacles are limiting their plans.
  • What the public sector is doing to meet strict data storage and usage guidelines.
  • Why sustainability initiatives are considered a priority but are ranked comparatively low in terms of IT purchasing criteria and budgets.