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EUC Expert Insights

Episode 2
Protecting Your Virtual Space: Security Strategies for Hybrid Work Environments

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The evolving hybrid work landscape brings forth new challenges and vulnerabilities in the digital realm. As organizations expand their virtual workspaces, ensuring the security of these environments becomes paramount. Dive into the intricacies of safeguarding hybrid work environments in the second episode of EUC Expert Insights. Join our fireside chat with Jim Luna from Nutanix and Calvin Hsu, a leading voice from Citrix as they discuss:

  • Hybrid Multicloud EUC: Explore the convergence of hybrid multicloud and End-User Computing (EUC), its advantages, and the unique security considerations it presents.
  • The New Threat Landscape: Understanding the amplified vulnerabilities in a hybrid work setting and how to preemptively address them.
  • Nutanix and Citrix Synergy: A glimpse into how collaboration between these tech powerhouses provides a fortified, secure framework for today's digital workspaces.

Episode 2 of "EUC Expert Insights" offers a comprehensive look into creating and maintaining secure hybrid work environments. Whether you are responsible for your organization's IT security strategy or keen to understand the future of workplace security, this fireside chat promises enlightening discussions and key takeaways.

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