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This research reveals the collective intelligence of America and Europe’s trusted IT leaders. Learn how to give your company the competitive edge.

Hosted desktops had their moment in 2020, emerging as an indispensable technology that helped maintain business continuity and productivity amidst global disruption. But what’s in store for end-user computing as the post-Covid era begins to take shape? Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) interviewed organizations around the world to hear what they learned from their unprecedented investment in hosted desktops--what are the top benefits and what are their desktop plans going forward?

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  • Consumption trends. Many organizations choose to own and manage the supporting infrastructure for hosted desktops, but what’s the appetite for shifting infrastructure management to public cloud platforms and consumption models?
  • Hosted vs traditional desktops. Practically every organization can now speak from experience about their preferences. Which one comes out on top for most use cases? 
  • What are the top business value metrics cited for getting a hosted desktop project approved?
  • Will organizations continue to invest in hosted desktops, or was the widespread embrace a knee-jerk reaction that will dissipate once the crisis has fully passed?

The results and findings are often quite surprising. 

Read the report and see what the future of hosted desktops looks like!


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