Disaster Recovery in the Age of Hybrid Cloud

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As enterprises continue to shift toward hybrid cloud, they want to include a flexible disaster recovery solution with their deployments. In the land where data is king, it is essential to protect it amid a growing list of threats that include malware, natural disasters and hardware failure. The ability to set protection targets across multiple environments is crucial and now more feasible than ever, due to DR technologies that ease the management and orchestration process across clouds. 

For this commissioned report, 451 Research interviewed 451 IT professionals in their Voice of the Enterprise: Storage, Data Management & Disaster Recovery 2021 report to better understand top storage pain points and the top disaster recovery trends. These IT professionals are deploying hybrid clouds with DR solutions to protect their data. When DR is deployed with hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI), it can deliver assurance to enterprises, regardless of their data requirements and business SLAs. 

451 Research found these common pain points and solutions among IT professionals: 

  • 41% run data protection on a hybrid cloud deployment
  • 36% say data growth and capacity is a major top storage pain point 
  • More than a quarter of respondents identified meeting disaster recovery requirements as a challenge
  • 22% of organizations have encountered challenges with compliance/ regulatory/governance requirements
  • 30% of organizations said that security issues such as viruses and ransomware played a part in their most recent outages

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