Top 20 Questions About Databases on Hyperconverged Infrastructure

Top 20 Questions Answered

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While many companies today have realized the value of hyperconvergence in simplifying operations, lowering TCO, and avoiding costly downtime, did you know you can also get data insights faster by running your go-to databases on HCI? Just how do you go about doing it?

We've compiled the top questions we've been asked by both IT infrastructure admins and DBAs over the years into one handy guide for a quick look at how to modernize your database operations by running them all on a single platform.

Download to find out:

  • Steps to get started running your databases on hyperconverged infrastructure
  • Common problems running databases on legacy infrastructure and how to solve them
  • Cost savings from consolidating database storage with hyperconvergence
  • Hyperconvergence adoption rates—including who’s adopting
  • How HCI keeps your data safer than legacy infrastructure
  • ...and more!

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