Cloud Usage Report 2020 for AWS & Azure | Nutanix

Key trends & metrics on AWS & Azure cloud usage & spending patterns across industry segments showing the impact of COVID-19 on public cloud spending

This is the third edition of Cloud Usage Report byNutanix, where each year we take a rear view mirror look at how the Cloud usage trends are changing. This report is our attempt to analyze cloud adoption not in the form of opinions or surveys but look at real consumption data and trends to help make sense of fast-evolving cloud trends.

2020 has been an extraordinary year that has pretty much changed the definition of what normal life looks like and in this report, we are seeing signs that ‘Cloud’ as a technology and a domain will definitely come out stronger, through this crisis. We see the growth through the past year, and interesting impact on cloud spend across verticals due to COVID-19 in this report.

We hope that this report provides you with the data across industry, segments and cloud services that will help you better plan your personal cloud journey.

Some of the key insights uncovered:

Cloud Maturity

Relational DBaaSon Cloud is accelerating!
Relational Databases as-a-service is showing accelerated adoption and becoming a top used service across AWS and Azure

AWS vs Azure cloud spend

Azure catching up to AWS
Azure is consistently growing faster than AWS with Commercial segment adding significantly to its market share

Cloud spend trends

TMT Vertical continues to ride the wave
Technology, Media and Telecom segment grew at a fast clip QoQ in 2019 and COVID actually accelerated its use of cloud to meet the new normal needs!

Emerging Services

Cloud maturity is growing
Most customers are using more than 15 cloud services as part of their cloud consumption strategy, reflecting high maturity and adoption of cloud

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