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Cloud Comrade is a Singapore headquartered cloud MSP working with leading cloud providers such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform and Alibaba Cloud. Our solution includes supporting the customers in their cloud adoption journey from design, build to operate. We offer customers the highest quality and innovative cloud advisory toolset to remove the complexity in their cloud journey. In a way, Cloud Comrade equips its security with Nutanix Xi Beam to provide its customers with an optimized environment when moving to the cloud. Xi Beam (Beam), a cloud governance service by Nutanix, provides multi-cloud security compliance to help and fix our customers’ security vulnerabilities across multiple cloud accounts. Beam delivers visibility, optimization, and control over cloud security compliance, enabling Cloud Comrade to streamline its customer’s migration to the cloud. Using Beam’s continuous scanning approach, Cloud Comrade is able to identify and immediately alert customers about any critical security vulnerabilities that needed fixing immediately.


  • Comprehensive tool to assess health signals for cost, security as well as compliance issues
  • Achieves between 20-40% in cloud cost savings for most of their customers
  • Delivers increased productivity, transparency and security
  • Ability to scale out efficiently and quickly

Nutanix-Based Services

  • Xi Beam