Xi IoT

Simple, scalable, secure edge intelligence for real-time analysis

Deploy intelligence at the edge. Xi IoT delivers AI-driven processing at the edge with a zero-touch software platform that powers real-time business insight and simplifies operations at planet scale.

Meet Your Data Challenge

Are You Ready for the Information Age?

In 2017, three billion enterprise IoT edge devices generated over 32 times more data than the total storage available across cloud and private data centers. The classic IoT model of ingesting massive amounts of data on edge devices and sending that data to the cloud for processing simply can't keep up with the explosive pace of data growth. The resulting IT challenges—bandwidth congestion, lack of scalability, processing delays, compliance and privacy issues—demand a new approach.

A New Model to Simplify IoT and Edge Computing

The Nutanix Xi IoT platform delivers local compute and AI for IoT edge devices, converging the edge and your choice of cloud infrastructure into one seamless, efficient data processing platform. Xi IoT eliminates complexity, accelerates deployments, and frees developers to focus on the business logic powering IoT applications and services.

Edge Computing Stack

for real-time processing

Centralized, Planet-scale Ops

and app management

Data Plane

to converge edge and cloud

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Leverage Key IoT Benefits

Xi IoT makes it easy to deploy and manage a planet-scale edge cloud.

Seamless IoT Deployment

Make edge infrastructure invisible via seamless functioning and operations among end users, IT operators and developers, and data scientists. Enjoy a single standard interface and role based access control.

Real-time Edge Computing

Compute sensor data streams locally, in real-time, with open dataflows and services, while allowing filtered and transformed data to flow securely to your choice of cloud with native services.

ML, Analytics, and More

Significantly reduce the time and specialized training required to develop next-gen IoT applications. The IoT platform delivers machine learning, analytics, data security, management, cloud services, and more.

IoT is Transforming Industries


Increase efficiency and maximize productivity by using edge intelligence to predict equipment failure, detect process anomalies, improve quality control, and manage energy consumption. Real-time analysis reduces decision latency and minimizes costly production delays.


Deliver unique customer experiences by leveraging data at the edge to personalize offers, build an omnichannel customer relationship, and streamline the purchase process. Edge data can also improve inventory management, ensuring product availability, and easing supply chain strains.

Oil and Gas

Transform upstream and downstream operations with edge intelligence. Real-time analysis of well sites can optimize extraction processes, and analysis at retail locations can identify trends to maximize revenue.

Energy & Utilities

Improve energy efficiency as well as operational efficiency through asset intelligence. Data from smart sensors can help optimize consumption, monitor supply, and detect faulty equipment.


Edge-based diagnostic equipment and monitoring tools bring processing and analysis closer to the patient, improving care and services without compromising patient privacy. Real-time detection and diagnosis can make a significant impact on patient outcomes.

Smart Cities

Connected city services can dynamically improve traffic flow, dispatch emergency personnel quickly, and detect issues with utilities before they become problems. With the amount of data involved from all devices and sensors across the city, computing at the edge is the only viable approach.

A Revolutionary AI and IoT Application Environment for Developers

Access Pre-built IoT and AI Applications

Instead of creating each component or service from scratch, developers will be able to access the Xi IoT App Library for applications that can be deployed with one click.

Leverage Readily Available Datasets

Pull in YouTube-8m videos as visual datasets to instantly test AI-based algorithms, or upload your own visual data using the Xi IoT Sensor app for Android and iOS devices.

Easily Manage Everything in the Cloud

Configure and manage your data streams and applications simply by selecting parameters within the Xi IoT Cloud Instance.

Technology Partnerships and Integrations

Join the growing Xi IoT ecosystem to provide your customers with a complete solution. Hear from our partners how working together strengthens their business.


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