Simplified Database Operations for any Cloud

On public, private, or hybrid clouds, Era enables database management on your terms. By providing simple, fast, consistent management from a single control plane, Era dramatically improves uptime, reduces tedious manual operations, and increases cost efficiency. The future of one-click simplicity across clouds and clusters is here. It’s a new Era.

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Cloud-like services for your Database Operations

Era provides the efficiency, agility, cost-effectiveness, and scalability of the cloud, no matter how you choose to deploy your databases.

Hybrid Cloud Database Management

One simple database management control plane across public, private, and hybrid cloud deployments.


Eliminate tedious, error-prone manual operations. Provision highly-available databases in minutes with automation.


Backup and/or restore terabyte-sized databases across clouds in a matter of minutes with point-in-time granularity.


Maintain fleet-wide database patch standards across new and existing database servers while reducing or eliminating patching downtime.

Copy Data Management

Manage the database lifecycle across test, dev, and prod from anywhere—while saving time and storage (6x storage savings).

For All the Top Database Engines

Too good to be true?

Nope. Try it today and experience how easy it can be.

How Era Works

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Nutanix Era streamlines and simplifies database administration, helping businesses drive efficiency, agility, cost-effectiveness, and scalability across their enterprise applications.

By enabling one-click provisioning, patching, and clones/snapshots across multiple database engines running on Nutanix Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure, Era provides simplicity, security and standardization on premise and across clouds.

Forrester Total Economic Impact Study

Forrester recently interviewed Nutanix customers to learn about their experiences with the Nutanix solution for databases. Read the study to learn about the tremendous ROI and other benefits these customers are experiencing with Nutanix.

ESG Benchmarking Study

ESG recently conducted a technical analysis of enterprise database and applications performance when using Nutanix HCI and Era. Download the latest study to see how the Nutanix Cloud Platform solution for databases delivers exceptional performance across a number of critical measures.

Capabilities & Benefits

Streamline Operations

Replace tedious and error-prone manual database operations with Era intelligent automation. Provision databases in minutes while standardizing all database deployments with vendor and Nutanix best practices. Save time and effort by delivering operational simplicity for cloning, patching, and database backup/recovery. Create a standardized catalog for database services and standardize compute, network, and database parameter sizing.

One-click Database Lifecycle Management

Instantaneously create database clones while reducing storage consumption 6x -10x with Era’s zero-byte, point-in-time snapshots and clones. Meet data protection SLAs with efficient one-click backup operations for in-place database recovery in minutes. Era simplifies database patching by providing out of place patching automation which can be scheduled to update all targeted databases.

Simplified Database Management

Consolidate and manage all your database engines from a single user interface with one-click operations that make database lifecycle management a breeze. Nutanix Era provides a single control plane that scales transactional & analytical databases non-disruptively across public and private clouds. Era eliminates management complexity, allowing admins to innovate instead of troubleshooting.

RBL Bank Streamlines Database Management with Nutanix

In search of the speed and agility necessary to stay ahead of the competition, RBL Bank turned to Nutanix Era. The results? A 90% decrease in time to provision new databases, cloning that took 4 days now takes 4 hours, and the time-to-market for new services dropped from 2-4 days to 4-6 hours.


Nutanix Database Management & Automation (NDMA)

In this course, you’ll learn what Nutanix Era is and we’ll teach you the skills needed to install, configure, and operate Era to manage databases.

Nutanix Era Tech Note

Download and learn about Era’s copy data management service: the time machine. We look at how a time machine captures its data to deliver the recovery point objective (RPO) service-level agreement (SLA) imposed on it.

Organization Streamlines Database Management with Nutanix

Download this case study to learn how Nutanix empowers a single administrator to support database operations across the entire organization.

Nutanix HCI: A Flexible Foundation For SAP

SAP HANA is an in-memory database that provides new functionality to SAP applications and enables business transformation through real-time analytics and transaction processing.

What the Experts Are Saying

Nutanix Era Deep Dive: One-Click Database-as-a-Service

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RBL Bank: Powering UP Oracle with Nutanix Era Platform for Databases

Managing Dev/Test Database Environments with Era

David Teague, Technical Marketing Manager


Wipro Digital Database Services Powered by Nutanix

Wipro’s managed Digital Database Services leverages Nutanix Era to bring one-click simplicity and invisible operations to database provisioning and lifecycle management.

SKALE DB Powered by HCL and Nutanix

SKALE DB powered by HCL and Nutanix is a secure, scalable, cloud-ready managed DBaaS offering integrated with Nutanix Era and Prism for automation and management for database & hyperconverged infrastructure.

Simple, Fast, Secure Database Lifecycle Management

Experience just how easy provisioning, cloning, patching, backing up, and recovering can be.

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