Nutanix Cloud Manager
Intelligent Operations

IT Infrastructure Management & Operations Solution

Nutanix Cloud Manager (NCM) for Intelligent Operations (formerly Prism Pro/Ultimate) optimizes capacity, proactively detects performance anomalies, and automates IT operations with ease and confidence.

 IT infrastructure management operations

How Intelligent Operations Works

How Intelligent IT Operations work

Machine learning algorithms play a key role in predicting capacity trends and suggesting resource optimisations. Infrastructure anomalies automatically trigger alerts and intelligent remediation actions.

Learn about the the Nutanix X-FIT Advantage

Instead of one algorithm, X-FIT uses an ensemble of models in a tournament to choose the best one for specific environments.

Intelligent Operations Capabilities

IT Infrastructure Features

Codeless task automation

With a few clicks, you can link intelligent signals with automated actions to eliminate mundane tasks. Intelligent Operations makes it incredibly easy to improve IT operations productivity by requiring zero coding.

Automated optimisation

Intelligent Operations understands the performance  behaviour of all VMs by constantly monitoring the system. An anomaly alert is issued if a VM deviates from normal behaviour. No configuration required.

Ticketing integration

Intelligent Operations integrates with ServiceNow, Jira and other IT service management tools to track infrastructure shortages, automate ticket creation, and resolve alerts and incidents within these ITSM systems.

Capacity usage and scenario analysis

The Intelligent Operations predictive analysis engine foresees application capacity needs and cluster capacity runways for pay-as-you-grow scaling and better capacity usage with rightsizing optimisations.

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