About Nutanix

Jason Langone

NearTheX – Nutanix Monitoring App Integrated with iBeacon Technology

iBeacon is a technology being heavily showcased at CES right now that delivers indoor positioning capabilities to mobile devices.

My First Use of 3D Printing: My Foray into the World of 3D Printing with a Nutanix Block as my Model.

I work for arguably the hottest infrastructure startup since the dawn of time (or Sun Microsystems, 30 years ago, or whatever), a company called Nutanix. 90% of the Nutanix story I tell customers involves the value of our software

Nutanix Delivers a GPU Platform That Pays for Itself – in Bitcoins

Nutanix recently launched the NX-7000 series platform that incorporates one or multiple Nvidia Grid K1 or K2 cards into a Nutanix node. This combination of the shared or dedicated horsepower of a purpose-built GPU card allows for scale-on-success GPU-enabled virtual desktop solutions.

Nutanix VCDX Sponsorship

As a company that is home to several VCDXs (VMware Certified Design Expert), Nutanix knows first hand the importance of encouraging qualified candidates to pursue VCDX status. The drive, creativity, and knowledge of a VCDX is difficult to come by and those who possess these qualities deserve recognition.

Supporting the Mission with Nutanix

I've spent the last several years helping to implement cost-saving technologies, such as virtualization, at various Federal agencies.