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Andre Leibovici

Healthcare, Nutanix, Dell, and beyond…

There’s no question that enterprise application usability has for the most part been left behind.

Nutanix is Now Validated for SolarWinds

There’s no question that enterprise application usability has for the most part been left behind.

Nutanix Achieves Citrix Ready Certification For ShareFile Enterprise

ShareFile gives users true enterprise-class file sync and share data service across all corporate and personal mobile devices, while giving IT all the control it needs.

How Does Data-At-Rest Encryption Work? | Nutanix

Find out how Nutanix data-at-rest encryption satisfies regulatory requirements for government, banking, financial, healthcare and other G2000 enterprises.

AppSense DesktopNow validated for Nutanix

There’s no question that enterprise application usability has for the most part been left behind.

Nutanix Foundation Demo Video: From Bare-metal to Production in Minutes

The Nutanix Foundation is a tool that allow administrators to completely bootstrap, deploy and configure a bare-metal Nutanix cluster from start-to-end with minimal interaction in matter of minutes.

Citrix Validated Solution for Nutanix

During Citrix Synergy 2014, Nutanix unveiled the preview of a Citrix Validated Solution for Nutanix. The reference architecture offering a dense 1,000 virtual desktops along with the Citrix XenDesktop infrastructure in 6 rack-mount units, generated a lot of interest from attendees and press alike. Today we formally announced the CVS for Nutanix over the PR wires.

Nutanix Controller Failure. Will Users Notice?

Reliability and resiliency is a key, if not the most important piece, to the Nutanix Distributed File System (NDFS). Being a distributed system NDFS is built to handle component, service and controller (CVM) failures.

Web Scale Architecture: Understanding System Principles

Web-scale IT is more than just a buzzword, it is the way datacenters and software architectures are designed to incorporate multi-dimensional concepts.

Disaster Recovery – Failover and Failback with Nutanix

Nutanix has built-in VM-Centric, multi-site, bi-directional, multi-topology disaster recovery and replication engine that also supports VMware Site Recovery Manager and Run Book Automation tools.

Nutanix Automation, Policies and the SDDC

In a Nutanix cluster, PRISM is the management gateway for components and administrators to configure and monitor the cluster. This includes NCLI (command-line), the HTML5 UI (administrative interface) and REST API support for the entire management framework, providing customers a choice of building orchestration applications.

Citrix Embraces Converged Infrastructure

Today, Citrix announced a new Citrix Ready program focusing on converged infrastructure solutions that will lower the cost of XenDesktop and XenApp deployments.

Hands Down the Ultimate VDI – Part 2

Earlier this week in my article Hands Down the Ultimate VDI/DaaS platform – Persistent Desktops I described how Nutanix help organizations to achieve higher performance, maximum capacity and better end-user experience for VDI deployments.

Chasing Datacenter Efficiency

In recent times a lot has been deliberated on Convergence and Hyperconverged infrastructure topics, but these topics are not new for large-scale web companies. Years ago large-scale web companies started to face pressure from business to deliver better service agility at lower costs.