What Plagues Branch Infrastructure Today?

May 21, 2014 | By Adam Moreland
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Branch offices are often faced with many constraints including a tight budget, limited space, power and cooling, and IT staff. These constraints present unique challenges for IT admins that traditional three-tier architectures cannot solve:

Initial deployment- Enterprises build out complete datacenters with separate tiers of servers, networking and storage for a small number of users. Before you know it, you have half a rack of infrastructure that requires onsite installation with an IT professional proficient in all components. These solutions also increase power and cooling requirements.

Management- Complex infrastructure deployments at the branch office require specialized onsite IT and manual operations limiting efficiency while increasing cost. Alternate solutions that use low-power infrastructure on-site and centralize storage at the data center present a different set of challenges. These solutions often trade off user experience for management simplicity. Resource constraints limit the flexibility and range of supported applications.

Now multiply all of these pain points (i.e. cost, time and complexity) by dozens if not hundreds of branch locations, its no wonder things need to change in a major way.

Nutanix asked a number of IT professionals what they look for in a branch deployment. Here’s what made the short list:

  1. Onsite infrastructure application performance
  2. Simplified and remote management to remove complexity and the necessity for onsite IT
  3. Integrated DR for availability
  4. A minimized footprint to save space and power
  5. And of course, maintain a competitive price point

The ask was very clear. Essentially deliver all the goodness of the Nutanix Virtual Computing Platform in a form factor that is priced and sized appropriately for ALL types of branch and retail locations.


Today, Nutanix is pleased to offer an enhancement to the NX-1000 series family with the latest introduction of the NX-1020 platform. By adding NX-1020 to the existing NX-1050, Nutanix now offers a range of platforms for branch offices of all shapes and sizes. NX-1020 addresses small enterprise branch and retail locations while the NX-1050 is sized for regional locations and large enterprise branches. Each platform offers all the benefits of the Nutanix web-scale architecture with a few key additions available with the new SW release NOS 4.0. Prism Central offers a single pane of glass to view all branch office environments. Management is now remote but with the ability to aggregate health and usage data across multiple clusters worldwide. In addition to simplified workflows, Prism Central offers a single sign-on for all clusters and provides the ability to view historical (global) data for deeper analysis.

NOS 4.0 also offers integrated data protection with integrated workflows for local and remote backups and DR that is enabled between branch offices and a central location. Finally, deduplication across remote offices during both backup and restore limits the data that traverses the WAN for optimal performance.

With these enhancements in both software and appliances offerings, we expect Nutanix to become the de facto standard across all enterprise branch, remote, and retail locations. To learn more, take a look at our Remote Office & Branch Office Solution Brief

Tell us more! Nutanix is always very interested in hearing your thoughts on what we can do to enhance your IT experience. If you have any great ideas, go to our community, Nutanix Next and let us know!