Test your Datacenter Knowledge!

By Ines Marjanovic
| min

So, you work in a datacenter. Maybe you spend a lot of time there. You might even spend some unforeseen weekends there. You might know your datacenter pretty well, but how well do you know what’s happening in other datacenters around the world?

Based on findings from the 2018 State of the Enterprise Datacenter report, we’ve created a quiz to test you on your knowledge of what’s happening with public cloud adoption, hyperconverged infrastructure, containers, and more.

And remember: No cheating!


Not happy with your score? This is a good time to brush up on the report to get a rundown on global datacenter trends. If you’re curious, we’ve rounded up just a few of our favorite stats.

On the topic of cloud adoption, here’s the breakdown for who’s on what:

Next, respondents weigh in on HCI:

One more tease! Here’s how HCI adopters fare compared to non-adopters when it comes to the work week:

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