The Results are in: Public Cloud Usage Trends

By Ines Marjanovic
| min

Businesses of varying sizes — from startups to enterprises — are adopting multi-cloud strategies to foster greater agility and innovation velocity. We’ve been tracking public cloud usage of over $1 billion on an annual basis among our customers, and we’ve discovered several cloud adoption and use patterns.

Using data collected from Beam, a multi-cloud optimization service offered by Nutanix, the Nutanix Public Cloud Usage Report (read here) highlights relevant statistics on how businesses are using Amazon Web services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure. In particular, cloud spend patterns are trending up. Take a look at some of the most eye-catching statistics the report offers:

From the report, we know that the majority of customers say a cloud management service is necessary, and Nutanix Beam helps users meet the needs of their business by providing cloud optimization through centralized cost governance, security compliance, and more. Give the report a read, and then try Beam free for 14-days to get a jumpstart on cloud control.

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