Nutanix vs. VSAN Performance—Part 4 (or why Chuck and EMC are Deathly Afraid of Us)

By Lukas Lundell
| min

We have recently suffered through several blog posts from Chuck Hollis, EMC’s chief blogger and strategist on loan to VMware. Chuck released these blog posts to coincide with (and distract from) our first .NEXT user conference in Miami earlier this month. We declined to respond to them at the time. Our company was proud to be launching its first user conference and we wanted the focus during the last few weeks to be on our customers, their experiences with our product, and our newest technology developments and announcements.

EMC is losing ground, but VMware is a massive $37B company. They have seen tremendous success in the last decade or so. Their hypervisor runs in most enterprise datacenters on the face of the Earth, and they certainly have no trouble attracting folks to VMworld, which boasts 22,000+ attendees. But VMware is also facing major competition with the public cloud players. Hyperconvergence is something that makes infrastructure solutions like VMware simpler and more attractive. We’ve had great success as partners in the past. So why is their chief strategist running a 20-part blog series targeting Nutanix? Why attack us? Why are they paying so much attention to Nutanix at all levels of their company? (And how much influence is EMC having on their behavior?) VMware has never felt the need to publicly single out a company of our size. Ever. So why now?

Find out more in this post by Nutanix’s Global Director of Solutions and Performance Engineering, Lukas Lundell.