Nutanix Era: Elegant & Efficient One-click Database Operations

By Maryam Sanglaji
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Traditional database operations are disjointed, complex and inefficient. In frustration, many organizations are turning to cloud-hosted solutions which, while more agile, introduce significant operational changes and, in most cases, much higher costs. But now organizations have an on-premises alternative.

We are excited to announce Nutanix Era’s general availability with support for Oracle and PostgreSQL at .NEXT London. Two major services will be supported with this initial release: one-click provisioning and database time machine (which includes one-click database cloning and refresh).

Nutanix Era enables database administrators to enjoy the same type of simplicity and automation that Nutanix brought to their infrastructure services. Database provisioning, patching, and lifecycle management become invisible in the same way that the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud makes infrastructure invisible. Copying a database becomes as easy as the copy and paste operations on your computer.

What is Nutanix Era?

Nutanix Era is a software suite that automates and simplifies database administration – bringing one-click simplicity and invisible operations to database provisioning and lifecycle management (LCM). With one-click database provisioning and Copy Data Management (CDM) as its first services, Nutanix Era enables DBAs to provision, clone, refresh, and backup their databases to any point in time. Find out more: What is Nutanix Era?

The rich and straightforward UI and CLI enable DBAs to clone their environments to the latest application-consistent transaction. The API-first Nutanix Era architecture can easily integrate with your preferred self-service tools. Every operation has a unique ID and is fully visible for auditing.

One-click database provisioning

Nutanix Era hides the complexity of database operations and provides a set of common APIs, a CLI, and a GUI that simply work across multiple database engines. Nutanix Era allows DBAs to define standards for their database provisioning needs with end-state driven functionality that includes mission-critical scenarios. The Era provisioning service includes:

Database engines: Custom software images tailor-made for enterprise needs (including support for PSUs and one-off patches). General availability includes Oracle and PostgreSQL only with support for other databases in the near future. Era provides a single standard management control plan for provisioning multiple database engines with the same workflow whether it be via UI, CLI or API.

Database catalog: Customizable database profiles for software, compute, networking, and database parameters.

Database recovery SLAs: Sophisticated and customizable recovery SLAs for continuous, daily, and monthly RPOs.

Copy data management

We believe that copy data management operations for databases that are terabytes in size should be just as easy as the copy and paste operations on your personal computer. Nutanix Era copy data management services include:

Time Machine enforcement for DB retention SLAs: Powers one-click database copy and paste operations from any point in time while retaining consistent backups as defined by your SLAs.

One-click cloning and refresh: Zero-byte database clones to any point in time with the option of inserting pre- or post-masking scripts.

One-click backup: Consumer-grade database operations for backing up any size database in a full database consistent manner within a matter of minutes.

Public cloud goodness on-premises

Nutanix Era provides organizations a database as a service (DBaaS) model for managing and operating their databases. It enables standardization across your database estate while introducing efficiency, agility, scalability, and cost savings. Most importantly, Era enables the same type of simplicity and operating efficiency that you would expect from a public cloud while allowing your DBAs to maintain control.

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