Nutanix Complete Cluster-Product Updates (July 2012)

By Bill Culman
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Nutanix is adding new product features at a rapid pace. I want to pause and take some time to talk about the advancements our engineering team has made.

We are excited to support a number of new product features in Nutanix Complete Cluster version 2.5 which was released earlier this year:

  • Support for NFSv3: We’ve released our own distributed NFS implementation called NDFS. We still are keeping a localized data path between the VM and the ESXi host and storage controller.
  • NFS VAAI: We have implemented the VAAI NFS Full Copy & File Clone primitives in this release. Nutanix/VMware VDI customers will be able to leverage VMware’s upcoming VMware View Composer Array Integration (VCAI) feature which is in tech preview for VMware View 5.1.
  • Datastore Creation Wizard: We now provides seamless integration with VMware’s datastore creation workflow. You can create VMware NFS datastores directly from the Nutanix web console in just a few steps.
  • High Availability for Nutanix Storage Controllers: Nutanix will now automatically reroute storage requests to an active Nutanix storage controller in the event of one virtual controller failing. Interestingly, this feature can also be used to support rolling upgrades for VMware’s ESXi and minor releases of the Nutanix cluster software.

NFS/NDFS is now the preferred protocol for the Nutanix cluster. We are continuing to invest our engineering team into optimizing the performance and management experience of NFS on Nutanix. We expect to make significant incremental improvements over the course of the next 6 months through these initiatives.

Nutanix is also pleased to announce the general availability of the Nutanix Complete Cluster version 2.5.3 patch release. This 2.5.3 patch includes:

  • Manageability enhancements: Additional management enhancements and alerts for the Nutanix GUI
  • Bug Fixes: A number of important and critical bug fixes
  • NDFS Performance improvements: Several performance improvements for the Nutanix Distributed File System (NDFS), including tuning of cache configurations and algorithms for virtualization workloads.

I am proud to see our engineering team at Nutanix continue on its rapid pace of innovation. I am also very excited about the yet unannounced features that are coming in the next 6 months. Stay tuned!

Bill Culman (Vice President of Engineering)