In His Own Words…Customer Josh O'Brien Shares His Experience

By Jervis Hui
| min
Language Access Network

Josh O’Brien on Nutanix: “So far I love the platform. It gave me what I needed in the price point I needed and offers huge scale out options considering it is based of the GFS files system that Google uses across their DC’s… Spinning up my first production ESXi Cluster of (4) Servers, Sphere and provisioning the storage was a bit nerve-racking. Its a HUGE statement for all the vendors that it was actually pretty painless. Maybe even a bit to much so.”

Josh O’Brien from Language Access Network wrote about installing Nutanix last week. Read about it here:

What we, at Nutanix, would like to point out from this post is that Josh referred to us as partners. Building a long-term relationship with our customers and offering world-class customer support remains one of our biggest goals.

Look forward to a case study in the coming weeks on LAN and using Nutanix for building a private cloud!