Finally, we can talk about SAP HANA on Nutanix!

By Krishna Kattumadam
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When you’re done reading here, be sure to also read the follow-on companion blog to this one about production certification for SAP HANA on Nutanix at this link.

We’ve been struggling for months now to hold our tongues and not prematurely talk about this popular topic. We are at the cusp of yet another exciting and natural next step for the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud OS based on hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI), as we continue to expand into the core of the enterprise data center.

We’ve been a pioneer, driving innovation in delivering the public cloud experience on-premises, and customers have recognized this, elevating Nutanix to a leading share of the HCI market. Our recent earnings performance highlighted this, with 50% of our customers’ workloads being enterprise applications such as SAP and databases from Oracle, Microsoft, IBM, and others. Nutanix Enterprise Cloud OS software is already certified today for SAP NetWeaver® based landscapes including S/4HANA application servers, and all relational databases on AHV, VMWare vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V.

Thanks to many hours of hard work across organizations (more on that later) and very positive test results, it is thrilling that this week at SAP SAPPHIRE NOW and ASUG Annual Conference we are finally free to talk about the subject that everyone is asking about. When it comes to the next wave of innovation for deploying and running SAP landscapes including SAP HANA – what can Nutanix do for this workload that it’s demonstrated for other data center and hybrid cloud challenges?

We are excited to announce that testing, development and other non-production SAP HANA workloads are now supported on Nutanix Enterprise Cloud with our native hypervisor, AHV, and that we are deep in the process for validating production HANA databases. These announcements are important for our customers and us because HANA, SAP’s leading in-memory relational database platform, is opening up new analytical and transactional capabilities for companies to dramatically change the way and the speed at which they do business. Manufacturing efficiency and time to market, retail strategy and customer retention, financial organizations’ fraud and risk capabilities are just some of the areas where SAP HANA is driving digital innovation, bringing companies new business value. And with its increased adoption, there is added interest in leveraging a modern IT architecture for SAP HANA.

Every day, we talk to customers looking for ways to build and improve their private clouds. We enable them by making more pieces of their IT infrastructure invisible, including the hypervisor. Nutanix, an SAP Global Technology Partner, was the first-ever HCI-based solution certified for the SAP NetWeaver based applications such as Business Suite. We are now extending this work, by supporting deployment of SAP HANA test and development and other non-production databases on Nutanix Enterprise Cloud with our native hypervisor, AHV. Achieving validation for productive deployment of SAP HANA on Nutanix is the next step, one we are deeply focused on now. We’ve been working closely with SAP over the past several months since they announced the new program for SAP HANA on HCI: (hyperconverged infrastructure validation for SAP HANA.) Due to the stringent validation criteria for infrastructure solutions that are critical for customers’ businesses, it can be challenging to garner support for SAP HANA. We have been pleased with the results to date, demonstrating that with minimal overhead, virtualized HANA databases on HCI should be able to achieve the performance and scalability required for successful deployments. We believe our positive results will provide the foundation needed to clearly define the steps to move beyond non-productive use cases to productive SAP HANA on Nutanix Enterprise Cloud. [Read more from SAP about their thinking on HCI for HANA in their recent blog here .]

Our engineering teams are constantly working to expand the solutions, use cases and verticals where Nutanix Enterprise Cloud brings improved agility and one-click simplicity to drive faster time to value so our customers can focus on their applications instead of the infrastructure that runs them. Nutanix is the only solution that can perform a complete infrastructure software and firmware upgrade with zero-downtime. Nutanix also leverages modern machine learning algorithms to predict capacity problems and provides proactive and actionable recommendations to the infrastructure administrator.

The complete certification process will involve completion of the AHV and Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform validation, followed by certification for specific hardware platforms that customers can buy.  Nutanix is partnering with Lenovo (read here) and Dell EMC to offer SAP HANA on Nutanix appliance solutions on their Intel Skylake SP based platforms with more partners to follow. We will have offers on a mix of 4-socket and 2-socket systems. The latest technological advances made in Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform, such as the use of NVMe drives, RDMA, AHV Turbo mode, and vNUMA, have benefitted many workloads in reducing the overall storage latency and are key enablers to achieve the KPIs for a successful certification.

SAP professionals know the value of simplifying management and speeding deployment, development and scaling of applications as well as the impact that can bring. Non-production HANA workloads typically account for about 30-50% of the total HANA landscape, if not more. Plus, they know how important it is to be planning for HANA and the lead time required to ensure success, and with some hands-on experience with SAP HANA on use cases like testing and development, IT teams can build familiarity and confidence with these workloads. Finally, it’s important to note that this work compliments what Nutanix can already do for SAP infrastructure. Once we complete the process, SAP customers will be able to leverage Nutanix Enterprise Cloud OS software to rapidly provision, simply manage and easily scale their IT infrastructure to support the bulk of SAP HANA database deployments.

Tell us what you are most interested in as we partner with SAP to expand the breadth of landscapes you can run on our leading HCI-based platform to power your database services, analytics processing, app development and more in a simpler, high-performing and more agile way. If you’d like to have a deeper discussion with us about SAP HANA and Nutanix regarding your infrastructure planning, or be alerted when additional information is available, or if you’re interested in our pilot program, please send us a note to Head to to dive deeper into all our SAP solutions, and come talk in person with us at SAP SAPPHIRE NOW if you’re in Orlando this week. I’m looking forward to the next round of updates and details to share with you soon.

Now that you’ve read about non-production support, be sure to read about the production certification for SAP HANA on Nutanix that was announced in August 2018 here.

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