Recognizing a Transformational Force in Government

By Kim Hower

U.S. Federal Government CIO Tony Scott was quoted this summer as saying that, by spending more and more money each year on simply maintaining legacy systems, agencies “have missed multiple generations of advancements in technology,” especially because roughly every five years technology enhancements can deliver “double the capacity or the capability for the same dollar.”

Take into consideration the history of technology and the decades worth of sprawling infrastructure, from the mainframe to the client-server/distributed computing era and beyond, and you get a sense of the magnitude of the situation that Mr. Scott is trying to transform.

This is where Nutanix is making a difference for our Federal customers, and why our own Chris Howard, Nutanix’s Vice President of U.S. Federal, was recognized as a winner in the Industry Leadership category for the FedScoop 50 Awards.

While government is still determining what the next generation of Federal IT looks like, how it operates, and what it delivers, one thing is certain: the era of a box-heavy data center is coming to a close. Chris has led the way in proliferating the Federal government’s adoption of next generation infrastructure technology – the Nutanix enterprise cloud operating system. Nutanix is delivering an enterprise cloud operating system that enables a software-defined data center and a hybrid cloud model – allowing customers to move their workloads from one cloud to another.

The leverage this gives our Federal customers to release themselves from the burden of legacy infrastructure is transformative in and of itself. As Rep. Will Hurd, R-Texas, Federal CIO Tony Scott, and others have noted, 80 percent of the annual Federal IT budget is spent on maintaining legacy systems.

This imbalance is unsustainable, and Chris is one of the leaders in our community helping to reverse that equation, so that agencies can modernize their capabilities in cybersecurity, big data analytics, and hybrid cloud. Chris’ evangelism of the Nutanix enterprise cloud operating system has created real impact for Federal organizations such as the Office of the Secretary of Defense, who reduced their data center footprint by more than 80%.

His work has also reached the Pentagon, who shifted 18,000 users to an efficient, affordable virtual desktop infrastructure environment. Sandia National Labs is another beneficiary, as they anticipate being able to reduce their data center costs by 25% over the next 5 years, enabling them to redeploy funds to other IT areas that promote innovation.

We congratulate Chris and the other winners for thinking outside the box in their approach to government service delivery, for helping to foster change, and for simply making government run that much better.

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