3 Takeaways for Manufacturing and Retail Organizations from Nutanix’s SAP HANA on HCI Certification

By Bao Phan

Nutanix recently announced that Nutanix Enterprise Cloud OS running on the native AHV hypervisor is the first hyperconverged infrastructure to be certified to run production SAP HANA. You can read about the details here, but to summarize: SAP is ensuring an optimal experience with SAP HANA by requiring high levels of infrastructure performance for certification, and Nutanix has fulfilled the requirements in the HCI category for test, development, non-production, and now production workloads.

This news is of particular relevance to manufacturing and retail sectors where SAP powers mission-critical operations including CRM, ERP, SCM, and more. Here are three ways running SAP on Nutanix can help your business.

Be ready for the coming data deluge from edge and IoT initiatives

For industries like manufacturing and retail, data from IoT devices and edge locations represent the potential for deeper data intelligence or new revenue streams. But this comes at a cost. IT and lines of businesses will be gathering and managing more data than ever before. It’s definitely more than what traditional IT infrastructure can easily handle.

Equipment can broadcast maintenance and quality data to alert the back office before a failure occurs. Store locations can track real-time inventory and provide availability information to customers. Location-based tagging can ensure smooth supply chain operations. If your data is being fed into siloes of storage that rely on complex networking software to access, your business can only move as quickly as IT is able to stitch together the various parts of the datacenter and edge computing infrastructure to meet business requirements.

Hyperconverged infrastructure combines compute, storage, virtualization, and networking capabilities into an integrated stack that accelerates performance and simplifies scalability. When you combine the in-memory database capabilities of SAP HANA with the hyperconverged architecture of the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud, you can ensure that your IT systems are well equipped to handle the influx of data from any IoT initiative, and can easily scale as your business grows without being constrained by provisioning limitations.

Track and predict trends faster than your competition

Globalization of commerce has opened up a world of opportunity, but has also created broader challenges for IT and lines of businesses. Gathering and managing data from equipment, store fronts, distribution centers, and other areas is only the beginning. Providing that data through multiple channels so that business leaders can make timely business decisions is critical to success. Organizations that can identify patterns before they become obvious market trends gain the advantage.

SAP HANA on the hyperconverged Nutanix Enterprise Cloud OS can span your datacenter and the cloud for a comprehensive view of your global data. Your developers will be able to leverage the full breadth of data and build applications that correlate information in previously inaccessible ways for deeper insight. And by virtualizing all the data on a platform powered by AHV, you will be able to seamlessly move your data and applications between your datacenter and the cloud without losing data integrity. The ability to choose where you run your workloads, and the ability to change that decision while preserving data integrity, provides you with unprecedented IT agility.

Manage it all from a single interface to free up time for innovation

You don’t have to move your entire data operations to SAP HANA in order to benefit from management simplicity. With Nutanix Enterprise Cloud OS, you can manage all enterprise applications including classic SAP installations through a single management plane. A highly intuitive console with proactive monitoring and predictive capacity planning helps IT administrators address infrastructure needs before they become disruptive. The same management plane for your datacenter is also used to administer remote and branch locations, so your plant production systems, warehouse management systems, and store operations benefit from the same reliable, trusted, certified platform. Nutanix makes your infrastructure invisible, freeing up your IT team’s time to design better customer experiences, improve business processes, and discover new revenue paths.

Take the Step: Virtualize SAP HANA on HCI

While we focused on benefits for the manufacturing and retail sectors, virtualizing SAP HANA on Nutanix Enterprise Cloud OS provides similar advantages for other industries including energy, healthcare, financial services, and public sector. There are several ways to get started with a customized briefing of how the hyperconverged Nutanix stack fits in your environment:

  • Drop us a note at
  • Connect with your authorized Nutanix representative
  • Ask your System Integrator to setup a demo from a Nutanix expert

For seasoned expertise in cloud services, contact Nutanix Consulting Services or one of our X-Powered service providers to help you build the right solution for your business.

Qualified organizations may be eligible for a complimentary Enterprise Applications planning workshop covering details on topics such as planning and architecture, risk-free migration, automation, and agile development / CI-CD strategies.

SAP HANA Production Availability

Lenovo and other Nutanix partners are working to certify their respective Skylake-based hardware platforms to run SAP HANA with Nutanix Enterprise Cloud OS software with AHV. Once complete, Nutanix expects production solutions for SAP HANA to be generally available later in the year through these partners.

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