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Accelerate AI and IoT Application Development with Xi IoT

As the number and diversity of devices grows, so does the workload for developers writing applications for the edge. Configuring, managing, and normalizing data streams take valuable time away from creating the more important application functions for the business.

Xi IoT streamlines the development of AI and IoT applications by providing:

  • Seamless connectivity to AWS, Google, and your own datacenter resources
  • Open APIs for development and one-click deployment
  • Multi-language support, including Python, Javascript, and Golang
  • Integration with existing CI/CD pipelines

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Access Pre-built IoT and AI Applications

Building an IoT application can involve many components and services. Instead of creating each from scratch to meet a specific need, developers will have access to the Xi IoT App Library. With one click, developers will be able to deploy applications and functions that meet their needs.

Leverage Readily Available Datasets

With Xi IoT, developers can pull in YouTube-8m videos as visual datasets to instantly test their AI-based algorithms. Even more powerfully, the Xi IoT Sensor app for iPhones and Android devices allows developers to ingest camera data and stream it to the cloud or send it directly to the Xi Edge.

Easily Manage Everything in the Cloud

Configure and manage data streams, applications, and edge connectivity simply by selecting parameters within the Xi IoT Cloud Instance. Developers spend time creating intelligent business logic instead of low-level configuration code, and can use APIs to easily push applications and functions in the cloud or to the edge.

Optimize Your Experience

  1. Check out the Quick Start Guide in the trial platform to get oriented
  2. Take advantage of these tutorials: 
  3. Join the IoT Developer Community for helpful discussions
  4. Download the Xi IoT Sensor App for your iPhone or Android device

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