Federal Use Cases

VDI/Telecommute (BYOD)

With an ever increasing number of government initiatives for BYOD and telecommuting and executive mandates for security, more and more federal organizations are using VDI to provide mission-critical IT services. Check out the case studies here and see how Nutanix can help your VDI initiative succeed.

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Big Data

The federal government faces greater, more complex challenges than at any time in history. And when unanticipated events occur, it frequently seems that hindsight shows that predictive data was there but unnoticed. Big Data initiatives in nearly every agency acknowledge that data can help guide the way to our best and safest future if it can just be properly analyzed and evaluated — the sooner the better.

The following six departments and agencies helped launch the Federal Big Data Research and Development Initiative, and since its launch many others have initiated or expanded their own Big Data efforts:

The intelligence community has embraced Nutanix for its ability to host and manage Big Data software, ranging from small to massive initiatives. Because of its simplicity, Nutanix considerably reduces time to success — which means data can be harnessed quickly and critical decisions can be made sooner.

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Datacenter Consolidation, Cloud, & Server Virtualization

Server virtualization was becoming prevalent far before the Federal CIO established the Federal Data Center Consolidation Initiative (FDCCI) in February of 2010. But the memo initiating the FDCCI made clear the benefit that server virtualization, cloud, and datacenter consolidation could bring. The number of federal datacenters had nearly tripled in ten years — to 1100. Federal datacenters consumed 12 billion kwh of electricity in 2012. The focus of the FDCCI was to:

  • Promote the use of Green IT by reducing the overall energy and real estate footprint of government data centers;
  • Reduce the cost of data center hardware, software and operations;
  • Increase the overall IT security posture of the government; and
  • Shift IT investments to more efficient computing platforms and technologies.

Virtualizing on Nutanix helps with all of the above. Nutanix consumes less rackspace, power, cooling, and weight, while reducing CAPEX and OPEX by 50% or more over traditional server-SAN infrastructures.

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COOP Disaster Recovery

All Federal departments and agencies are required to have viable and executable contingency plans for the continuity of operations (COOP). COOP planning facilitates the performance of department/agency essential functions during any emergency or situation that may disrupt normal operations. Secondary COOP datacenter locations are typically deliberately distanced from primary datacenters, making them an inconvenient location to visit for hands on work. This means that IT infrastructure for COOP should be simple, “set it and forget it” hardware.There when you need it, easily managed remotely, and inexpensive to acquire and operate. A complicated blend of servers, storage, controllers and SAN fabric is the last thing you want to deal with during a crisis – yet virtualization software requires ‘shared storage.’

Dozens of Federal customers use Nutanix for their COOP infrastructure because it provides the simplicity, reliability, low cost, and remote management you want for your COOP site. A single appliance provides all of the compute and SAN capabilities in as little as 2U of rack space, eliminating all of the variables while still supporting all of VMware’s highest-end features.

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