Virtualization & Cloud

Support any workload, any environment, and any application with enterprise server virtualization

Bring the agility of the public cloud with the control and security of on-prem infrastructure. Nutanix Virtualization and Cloud solutions simplify datacenter operations, improve service delivery, and enable cloud initiatives.

Enterprise Cloud for Dummies

As the industry continues to move towards datacenter virtualization and hyperconverged infrastructure, learn how to harness the power of software-defined storage.

A Solid Foundation for Cloud

Services availability is often the first reason organizations think to move to cloud-model operations, and this resiliency forms the core of an effective cloud. Nutanix Enterprise Cloud is founded on a highly distributed software architecture that delivers comprehensive resource abstraction and self-healing capabilities to ensure uptime for all of your applications even as you consolidate workloads on to your private cloud.

Manage Everything from a Single Console

Across clouds, you need to be able to monitor and manage applications, VMs, and other resources. But true cloud-model infrastructure should include dramatically simplified operations. Nutanix Prism delivers one-click monitoring, automation, and optimization of all your cloud environments, from a single pane of glass. Designed for zero-touch management, Prism leverages advanced machine learning technology to automate common datacenter workflows and deliver actionable insight.

Scale Without Compromise

In contrast to cumbersome legacy architectures, private cloud should offer effortless scale when and where needed. Nutanix Enterprise Cloud leverages a flexible hyperconverged design to deliver on-demand linear scale that easily tracks performance demands and data growth while eliminating forklift upgrades and disruptive data migrations.

Enjoy Choice and Flexibility

Deliver IT as a Service using popular cloud and orchestration offerings, including those from VMware, Microsoft, and OpenStack.  Nutanix Prism APIs and Powershell toolkit enable easy integration with your cloud stack and hypervisor of choice.

Achieve Agility and Leave Legacy Architectures Behind

Nutanix powers fast, flexible, and secure application deployments, integrations, and migrations across multicloud environments.

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