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Want to develop your own AI-driven IoT app that inspects video streams to draw insights? Get started now! 

Ingest YouTube or your own smartphone videos for analysis.

Build machine learning models or use ours, to detect people or objects.

Deploy your apps to the edge in just a few clicks.

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Why Should I Use Xi IoT?

Run AI-based apps, containers, and functions as a service on a single platform.

Easily deploy containerized applications at scale with SaaS management.

Reduce your setup time and start configuring edge intelligence with kubernetes and the analytics platform.

Operate edge locations offline—even with limited internet connectivity.

Choose cloud connectivity (minus the heavy lifting) with learning APIs.

Enjoy support and CI/CD integration for multiple serverless and development languages, including Python, Node.js, and Go.

With developer APIs and pluggable architectures, you can bring your own framework and functions—without having to rewrite your code.

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