Era Database Services

Nutanix Era 2.0: Customers, Partners and Analysts Reactions


EDAG Engineering AG

"Nutanix Era is a great and excellent solution that we can use to implement standardized database management. Admins can create databases according to the same standards, allowing a developer to copy common databases on short notice without a DBA."

—Andreas Weber, Senior Systems Engineer, EDAG Engineering AG


“Prior to the implementation of Era, patching was very much a manual activity where we would download the new patch set, patch script, or package. We would then schedule downtime or maintenance for the system.  With the  Era platform, we've definitely reduced some of the downtimes and mitigated some of the business impacts, which has allowed us to expand and patch on different cycles than what we used to. We can now start introducing more frequent patching.”

—Head of Database Operations and Infrastructure JetBlue


“With Nutanix Era, we're able to make a clone of the environment and attach the clone to another server, allowing us to create a data lab environment for developers. When we've finished with the end product, it was less than a terabyte of space. So huge savings, space-wise for the to the business.”

—Tilden Conatser, Sr. Infrastructure Architect, Optum

RBL Bank

"The time to provision a new database has been cut by 90% and we can create zero-byte clones, so we’re saving on the storage. DBAs now spend just 30% for their time on UATs so they can focus more on strategic work."    

—Nimish Valia, Head of Center of Excellence, Strategic Technologies, RBL Bank


"Era has become a self-service platform for us, which removed dependency on other teams to provide a database server. We are now able to quickly provision a new database on an existing SQL Server or provision a new server with new databases in a matter of few minutes. Tasks that could take hours before being reduced to a matter of minutes."

—Simon Hoggart, IT Manager, Semlex


HCL Technologies

“At HCL, we help our customers to accelerate their data and infrastructure modernization journey with a secure, scalable, and cloud-ready database as a service. Our industry acclaimed services powered by the Nutanix Era & HCI platform will provide enterprises with a world-class automated database platform, We have a long standing relationship with Nutanix, and, with Skale DB, we will move forward to help our customers optimize their data resources and support their digital initiatives.”

—Kalyan Kumar, Corporate Vice President and CTO, IT Services, HCL Technologies

Industry Analysts


“With data sprawl where it is today, database management has gotten more complex than ever before. Organizations of all sizes are looking for solutions to simplify database operations, from initial deployment to ongoing management and maintenance.” said Mike Leone, ESG. “Era 2.0 delivers a cloud agnostic solution that can simplify database operations and help customers unlock the much needed value of data mobility.”

—Mike Leone, Senior Analyst, ESG


“Prior to using Era, the customers managed their traditional legacy database estates with the help of multiple solutions that were highly manual, slow, and had significant storage and compute requirements. IT inefficiencies, inconsistent performance, and a cumbersome and expensive database estates sprung from these complex environments.  After the investment in Era, the customers were able to bring a fresh approach to their database administration that drove efficiency, automation, and simplification.“

—The Total Economic Impact™ of Nutanix Era , a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting, October 2020