Leap Disaster Recovery

Make Disaster Recovery a Breeze

Meet your RPO and RTO objectives effortlessly, irrespective of whether you replicate to a DR site or into the cloud.

Disaster Recovery Solution You Can Rely On

You need a disaster recovery solution that is simple to deploy, easy to manage, and adaptable to your needs.

Eliminate Data Silos

Get the replication and recovery options you need from a single user-interface across multiple hypervisors and clouds.

Meet Your Recovery SLAs

Achieve your recovery time objective (RTO) and recovery point objective (RPO) with a variety of data protection options.

Reduce Costs & Footprint

Slash capital and operational expenses with an integrated solution. Lower your storage footprint and network utilization by as much as 70%.

The Cost Of Downtime

IT must be able to survive a datacenter outage ⁠— if not, the business's ability to survive is in real peril. Learn how to minimize downtime in your environment with business continuity planning.

Data Protection and Disaster Recovery Checklist

Before you adopt a DR strategy, get to know the most critical trends and challenges in the industry — and most importantly, how to overcome them.

Make Replication & Disaster Recovery Effortless

Unlimited snapshots, flexible datacenter and cloud-based replication, recovery planning, testing and orchestration, all in one solution.

Get Fully Protected with Metro Availability

Enjoy zero data loss and near zero downtime for your mission-critical applications with Metro Availability. Synchronously replicate data between two or more recovery sites within a metro region and ensure 24x7x365 uptime. Protect against unplanned failure events such as site outages and planned events such as site maintenance.

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Smart Data Replication with NearSync

Replicate data to a remote site using protection policies to achieve RPOs as low as 1 min without any stringent limitations of latency and geographic boundaries.

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Define and Test Your Automated Recovery

Decide in advance how you’d like your disaster recovery to proceed per application. Plan your entire failover workflow and conduct non-disruptive testing, enabling your company to routinely test DR readiness and ensure regulatory compliance.

Leverage the Cloud for Effortless DR

Get disaster recovery protection in minutes—without building your own secondary site. Xi Leap delivers DR as a service in the cloud. Simply choose a suitable subscription plan for your business based on the VMs you want protected, and configure the whole thing through the Nutanix Prism management interface.

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“Always-On’ Availability Across Multiple Sites

With a variety of options, your applications and data will be protected. Prioritize your DR orchestration bits at a granular level to meet your service level agreements.

Calm Integration with ServiceNow Diagram

Protect your distributed business operations across multiple sites. Always-on availability means geographic dispersion no longer inhibits your resiliency. 

Combining Metro and NearSync capabilities, Nutanix Multi-Site DR enables you to recover from a simultaneous failure of two or more data centers and maintain business continuity. 

Replicate your applications and data to a local site, a remote Nutanix site, or a public cloud service provider such as Nutanix Cloud or AWS.

Choose how to protect your apps and data with Metro, NearSync, or Async:

  • Metro:  0 RPO & 0 RTO

  • NearSync:  1 minute RPO

  • Async:  1 hour RPO

Learn More about multi-site recovery practices with Nutanix.

Choice and Flexibility

There’s no one-size-fits-all disaster recovery solution. Choose the right features for every use case across private and public clouds.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Aviatrix Case Study

“We can do all of the replication ourselves for our DR needs. Nutanix enables a much better DR solution at a significantly lower cost from our current hosted restoration services approach.”

- David Hunter, IT Director

Ruffalo Noel Levitz Case Study

We are exiting the traditional SAN environment over time as we end- of-life our current platforms and tear out the Fibre Channel infrastructure. We plan to be a Nutanix-only shop going forward—I see no reason to use anything else.

- Chris Cate, EVP and CIO, Valpak

University of Reading Case Study

“The Nutanix platform was exactly what we were looking for, delivering all the benefits of the public cloud in a format we could deploy on-site.”

- Eilko Bronsema, Manager IT at Zwanenberg Food Group

The Definitive Guide to Data Protection and Disaster Recovery

Examine enterprise challenges and trends around availability and data protection—an area that has lagged in the modernization of infrastructure and applications. See how the simpler, more cost-effective approach taken by the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud can close the gap between where your data protection is today and where it needs to be.

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Protect Your Heterogeneous Application and Data Services with Nutanix

Learn how Nutanix Private Cloud enables business continuity and disaster recovery in this ActualTech Media webinar.

Nutanix University: Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

In this course, you’ll learn how Nutanix BCDR capabilities create a powerful business continuity strategy to ensure your business remains operational⁠—always!


Disaster Recovery Solution Brief

Learn what the Nutanix approach to disaster recovery entails, including automatic recovery, between-cloud replication, data integrity checks, and more.

Tech Note:
Data Protection & Disaster Recovery

Effortlessly backup your data and applications. Nutanix provides simplicity and flexibility to address ever-changing business requirements.

Battle-Tested IT: Business Continuity in Any Circumstance

We know that bad actors are looking to take advantage of the current situation as IT teams scramble to adapt to their new normal of remote working. Find out what you can do to protect your business.

AOS 5.17 is Here

With AOS 5.17, Nutanix supports multi-site disaster recovery, enabling enterprises to recover from the simultaneous failure of two or more data centers (i.e. multi-site failure).

Test Drive Xi Leap DRaaS

Protect, replicate, and recover your critical business applications. Onboard instantly—whether you’re running AHV or ESX hypervisors.

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See how the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud can take your enterprise data protection strategies to the next level.