Swarm64 enables free, open source PostgreSQL to become a choice when handling query-intensive analytic, mixed, and data warehousing workloads. Swarm64 is present in the USA and Europe and has established relations with the Postgres Consulting Ecosystem.

Swarm64 Data Accelerator (Swarm64 DA) is a Nutanix Ready - AHV PostgreSQL drop-in extension. It works with Nutanix Era to swiftly provision a faster and more versatile PostgreSQL database. It expands the use of existing Era PostgreSQL beyond the purely transactional use cases. With PostgreSQL already part of the enterprise IT, there is no need to move into new databases, take new operational risks, or recruit new skills. With its highly parallel query planning, compressed column store index, faster JOIN, and more efficient resource utilization, Swarm 64 DA can deliver 5x-60x higher query performance and increase the database concurrency and user count. 

Open source PostgreSQL and its direct derivatives (e.g. Redshift) are the fastest trending databases in the world, especially among hosted offerings (DB-Engines.com, Gartner). 

Swarm64 enables Nutanix Era  to breeze through reporting, analytics, and data warehousing workloads in addition to operational database tasks. Thereby Swarm64 and Nutanix Era offer an extremely versatile Database for transactional, analytic and mixed use cases with the comfort of 100% PostgreSQL compatibility and all the power-user features Era offers.

Validated Solutions or Services:

  • Swarm64 DA 5.1 is validated on Nutanix AHV (AOS 5.15.3)
  • Swarm64 DA 5.2.1 is validated on Nutanix AHV with Nutanix Era 2.1.0 (AOS 5.15.x)