Snapt ensures applications deployed on Nutanix hyper-converged infrastructure are always-on, fast and secure. Clients leveraging the Snapt ADC platform modernize application delivery with lightweight, software-defined, cloud-native application delivery controllers. Snapt offers a unified ADC solution through its ADC solutions, Aria and Nova, which feature: Layer-7 Load Balancer, Web Acceleration, Web Application Firewall and API Protection (WAF, WAAP), and a Global Server Load Balancer (GSLB).


  • Business Continuity: ensuring your applications are highly available, providing users with anytime, anywhere access to critical applications globally
  • Centralized Management: reducing IT overhead in managing delivery of distributed applications through a centralized control plane for configuration management, monitoring and reporting - scalable to millions of “worker ADCs”
  • Worker ADCs: minimize ADC infrastructure requirements using lightweight micro-application delivery controllers
  • Global Protection: improved protection against bad bots, bad actors, and zero-day threats by leveraging Snapt’s AI/ML-Powered Threat Intelligence Platform
  • Agility and Scale: Snapt offers ease-of-use that reduces operational overhead and powerful features that enable you to deliver applications to production fast. Snapt’s ADCs are deployed and scaled in seconds, and are simple and cost-efficient to maintain and scale. Dynamically and on-demand, Snapt can scale-in and scale-out to thousands of active ADCs – orders of magnitude more than its closest competitor. 
Snapt offers true cloud-native ADC designed to run as a virtual appliance or container and deployed programmatically using DevOps pipelines. With Snapt’s software-defined ADCs on Nutanix, organizations are able to streamline management operations, increase their agility and scalability in deploying applications to production, and improve their application performance and security posture – all the while optimizing TCO, reducing operational overhead and managing risk and governance.
Validated Solutions:
  • Snapt Aria 2.0 is validated on Nutanix AHV ( AOS 5.15 )
  • Snapt Nova 1.0 is validated on Nutanix AHV (AOS 5.15)