Technology Alliances

Leonovus Inc.

The Leonovus data management suite analyzes data, determines where itshould reside optimally and migrates it automatically and transparently withsecurity and compliance assured.

Leonovus Smart Filer enables you to extend your primary file serverinfrastructure with secondary file and object storage. Delivered as a virtualappliance VM template, Smart Filer is easily deployed on Acropolis and canbe fully operational within minutes.

With Smart Filer, you can:

  • analyze existing file shares and determine the mix of file types andactive vs. inactive data,
  • copy or move subsets of the data to Nutanix Objects as well as other fileand object storage, and
  • liberate space on existing primary file storage by offloading infrequentlyaccessed ("cold" data) to Nutanix Objects or other secondary storagecompletely transparently and with no impact to end users. Offloadedfiles appear to still be present on primary storage and remain accessibleas before.

Administrators define Smart Filer data management policies specific to eachapplication or business use case.  This allows sensitive cold data to beoffloaded to Nutanix Objects and less sensitive data to be offloaded to publiccloud object storage, such as AWS S3, Microsoft Azure Blob, and any otherS3-compatible storage. With Smart Filer’s advanced data inventorycapabilities and automated data management policies, you can adopt anoptimal hybrid cloud storage strategy quickly and easily.

Leonovus Vault is a multi-cloud data controller software solution thatdistributes your data across on-premises and public cloud storage. Itdelivers increased data security, reduced storage footprint, enhanced dataavailability, and durability, and gives you the flexibility to deal with the ever-evolving cloud storage landscape.

Easily deployed on Nutanix AHV, Vault combines Nutanix Files and NutanixObjects with cloud storage offered by Amazon Web Services, MicrosoftAzure, Google Cloud Storage, and an array of S3-compatible providers, tocreate a secure data plane across which enterprises can store even the mostsensitive data while benefitting from the economics of cloud storage andavoiding cloud-vendor lock-in.

Validated Solutions

  • Leonovus Multi Cloud Data Controller 3.6 is validated on Nutanix AHV ( AOS )
  • Leonovus Smart Filer 1.1 is validated with Nutanix Objects (AOS 5.11)