Best Practices Guide:

VMware vSphere on Nutanix

VMware vSphere Storage

Nutanix delivers a highly resilient compute and storage platform designed for supporting virtual environments such as VMware vSphere. A hyperconverged Nutanix solution can service all your datacenter requirements as you scale with a highly distributed, shared-nothing infrastructure that has robust self-healing capabilities.

This guide describes configuration best practices for a Nutanix cluster running with VMware vSphere. These recommendations can empower Nutanix customers to get the most out of their storage and virtualization investments.

Download this free document to learn more about:

  • An overview of Nutanix resilience, security, and data protection. 
  • Capacity optimization.
  • Nutanix Controller VM (CVM) sizing and networking. 
  • vSphere cluster and network settings.
  • Managing vSphere clusters with Nutanix.

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