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Tim Isaacs

Raising the Bar and Pushing the Envelope on Performance

The release of Acropolis 4.6 illustrates how the constant drive for innovation at Nutanix is paying off big in performance.

Erasure Coding-X (EC-X): Predictably Increase Usable Storage Capacity

Now that the dust has settled from our inaugural .NEXT user conference, its time to go into the details of a technology that we briefly discussed called Erasure Coding–X (EC-X). Customers can now deploy EC-X in non-production environments by upgrading to Nutanix Operating System

Nutanix Simplicity reaches Microsoft System Center

We recently wrote a set of blogs about our integration with Windows Server 2012 R2, Hyper-V and the Microsoft ecosystem. The first post detailed our integration with Hyper-V and the strategic value of our partnership with Microsoft.

Metro Availabilty For Application Downtime | Nutanix

Metro Availability handles failures so applications and end users stay online with no downtime, regardless of the failure: component, server, rack or site.

Nutanix and Microsoft Private Cloud: We continue our journey with Microsoft (Part 2)

This article continues where we left off and discusses our most recent software release, Nutanix OS 4.0, which shipped last month. Nutanix OS 4.0 is feature rich comprising integrations with the Microsoft ecosystem including Windows, Hyper-V and Azure.

Nutanix and Microsoft Private Cloud: We begin our journey with Hyper-V (Part I)

Over the last few years, Hyper-V has gained great traction with IT organizations serving numerous use cases, geographies and customer segments.