About Nutanix

Marc Trouard-Riolle

Nutanix accelerates hybrid cloud with Microsoft Azure

A simpler, faster and more cost-effective path to hybrid cloud adoption now available

Application Migration Considerations for Hybrid Multiclouds

If your organization has a public cloud-first strategy or is considering augmenting on-premises infrastructure with public clouds to create a hybrid multicloud solution, then you are likely trying to establish a simple and efficient application migration plan for your enterprise workloads.

Nutanix Enhances Life Cycle Management for Streamlined ITOps

Improved Infrastructure Upgrade Performance with Redfish Integration and Formal LCM APIs

For IT, the Edge is Becoming the New Center: New Nutanix Options Have You Covered

IT is fielding ever more calls for resources at the edge, everything from more intelligence, to more compute, data collection and storage, as well as faster decision-making.

All-Together Now: Nutanix 1-Click, Non-Disruptive Cloud Upgrades

Nutanix launched its latest release of Life Cycle Manager (LCM), delivering 1-click, non-disruptive infrastructure upgrades for Nutanix environments.

Nutanix Insights: Striving Towards A Healthier Cloud

Nutanix starts the rollout of a new predictive health and automated support offering called Nutanix Insights.

Remote IT Infrastructure Management from Anywhere, for Day-0 and Beyond

End-user-computing (EUC) and desktop-as-a-service (DaaS) solutions provide employees with secure access to corporate applications and data. However, they don’t necessarily provide IT professionals with all the necessary access for their jobs.

Nutanix Introduces Application Mobility for Public Cloud MIgration to Private Clouds

The next release of Xtract adds Amazon Web Services (AWS) for VM migrations from public cloud infrastructure services to on-premises Nutanix Enterprise Clouds.