About Nutanix

Kevin Fernandez

Consumer Grade Problem Diagnosis with Prism Integration for NCC

Despite the best laid plans, incidents occur that can impact the services delivered by IT. If the issue is not easily diagnosed using system alerts, then a variety of techniques must be used.

On-Demand Deployment for your Databases with Oracle VM and Nutanix Enterprise Cloud

Businesses of all sizes rely on Oracle databases to run applications that power their most essential IT business systems. As a result, IT administrators want to be sure that they have correctly deployed and configured the database.

Advanced VM Placement Intelligence: Allows your VMs to Focus on Running Workloads

Keeping data close to the compute has been one of the salient features of the Nutanix architecture and the Distributed Storage Fabric, or DSF.

Prism on your Terms: Local Language Support

Early in Nutanix’s history, we were faced with a choice to travel one of two paths. The first was to focus on building our business close to Nutanix headquarters and establish ourselves in North America.