VCDX Study Lounge on Sunday at VMworld SF

By John Mark Troyer
| min

If you are preparing for your VCDX examination, or even just interested in getting started, Nutanix invites you to come by the VCDX Study Lounge on Sunday at VMworld 2014 in San Francisco. Nutanix is sponsoring an event for open discussion with existing VCDX holders to help you learn more about the program and what goes into a successful VCDX submission.

If you are an existing VCDX holder, we encourage you to drop by as well to give back to the community and those preparing to defend, and for some good discussion and conversation with your peers.

If you don’t get a chance to RSVP, you’re still welcome to stop by. Don’t worry, we won’t make you do a mock defense unless you want to!

At Nutanix, we believe that people who hold the VCDX certification have demonstrated incredibly valuable skills — that’s why we’ve hired 10 of the 143 current VCDXes in the world!

We’ll have two sessions — one at 10am Sunday and one at 2pm. Existing VCDXes will lead discussions on the VCDX process and tips for preparing and successfully defending your application.

There is also a separate more-structured VCDX BootCamp on Saturday and an additional session on Thursday for FastTrack participants run by the program team. See that link for more details and to sign up for the waiting list.

Good discussions with your peers are the heart of every VMworld. Come by the VCDX Lounge in the Palace Hotel on Sunday to start your conference week off right with some discussion and analysis with your friendly neighborhood VCDX. Nutanix is happy to provide the space; you provide the brains!

Event: VCDX Study Lounge / Workshop
Date: August 24 (Sun)
Session 1: 10am-noon
Session 2: 2pm-4pm
Location: Palace Hotel (0.4 miles away from Moscone)
Purpose: to prepare for defenses on Oct 6-8 and learn more about the program
Attendees: People preparing for their VCDX defenses
Format: open format w/ VCDX discussion leads
Food: Beverages and snacks will be provided