Unified Data Protection for .NEXT Generation Workloads and Nutanix AHV

By Randy Serafini

Guest Authors: Randy Serafini, Manager, Product Marketing and Charles Butler, Sr. Principal Product Manager

Managing the proliferation and performance demands of modern, next-gen workloads can be daunting as businesses continue to accelerate their transition to the multi-cloud world. Key to the success of this transformation is the modernization of infrastructures and workloads with agile, next generation, scale-out architectures. This includes protecting your most precious asset… your data.

Virtual machine infrastructure is one of the key components of today’s modern data centers and enabling these modern, multi-cloud environments is the growing popularity of hyperconverged, scale-out infrastructures and the simplified user experience that a solution like Nutanix delivers. The challenge then becomes: how do you protect these high-performance, highly scalable hyperconverged platforms with a solution that can dynamically scale as they scale in order to meet the increasing demands of SLA performance. A modern data protection approach for these workloads needs to have the following capabilities: automatic data discovery; agentless scale-out deployment model; and API based for rapid deployment and download simplicity.

NetBackup Parallel Streaming delivered with NetBackup 8.1 was designed precisely to meet these data protection demands for modern workloads that are built on scale out or web-scale architectures and can scale to 100s of petabytes. Innovated and patented by Veritas, this new agentless, parallel streaming technology delivers data protection for modern scale-out and hyper-converged workloads like no other solution. Workloads can now be backed up and protected with extreme efficiency by leveraging the power of dynamically scaling multiple backup hosts in parallel. Let’s take a closer look to see how Parallel Streaming works.

NetBackup Parallel Streaming consists of 3 logical blocks: Core NetBackup Capabilities, Parallel Streaming Plug-Ins, and a modern workload hosted on Nutanix. Core NetBackup capabilities are the functions that NetBackup performs that are common to the backup and recovery operations to protect any given workload including Nutanix. Workload independent functions such as job scheduling, management, reporting, cataloging and the user interface are serviced out of this layer. The core Parallel Streaming Technology sits in this layer and can be thought of as an API interface that enables the communication and management of backup and recovery operations with emerging workloads.

NetBackup Parallel Streaming plug-ins provide the mechanism for integrating with the Nutanix RESTful API interface. Plug-ins are specific to a given workload and provide the capabilities to perform workload specific functions such as data discovery, snapshotting, and data transfer to and from a workload. NetBackup abstracts itself from workload specific implementations by leveraging Veritas developed plug-ins that bridge NetBackup’s API interface with the Nutanix RESTful APIs.

A modern workload, in this case Nutanix, is the 3rd layer of NetBackup Parallel Streaming. A key requirement is that a modern workload must implement a set of RESTful APIs that can be used by NetBackup to coordinate workload specific capabilities needed for backup, recovery and data transfer operations. NetBackup, via the Parallel Streaming plug-ins, initiate the proper set of API calls to AOS that will prepare data for backup and then coordinate the movement of that data to any number of NetBackup supported backup destinations.

NetBackup Parallel Streaming delivers a revolutionary new backup and recovery technology for large, scale-out, multi-node cluster environments which was designed using the same principles on which scale-out architectures are modeled. NetBackup can easily and dynamically scale along with your Nutanix investment with agentless backup and recovery. Visit to learn more about all the new capabilities now available with NetBackup 8.1.

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