Try Frame for Free: A quick 2-hour Test Drive or a comprehensive 30-day Trial

By Param Desai

February 12, 2020 | min

Xi Frame is the simple yet elegant approach to application and desktop delivery. Your users gain easy access to remote virtual desktops or the ability to stream multiple applications on any device, right inside their browser. Xi Frame is both developer friendly and enterprise ready. A large number of enterprise customers worldwide trust Xi Frame to deliver applications and desktops to their global workforce.

Try Frame for Free

Taking Xi Frame for a spin is as easy as 1-2-3. There are two ways to try Xi Frame for free. Yes, you heard that right. Try Xi Frame for no cost.

If you want a quick product experience for just a few hours take the Frame test drive, and enjoy the full experience of a cloud workstation, complete with all admin capabilities (onboard applications, publish, invite users, etc.)

Try Frame for Free

If you want to try Xi Frame for a longer duration, sign up for a 30-day Frame trial via the Xi Cloud Services signup page. Once you have logged on to your account, go to the Xi Frame tile, and click Start Trial to register for the Xi Frame service.

Test drive frame now tiles

So let’s take a look at what these two trial options have to offer:

Test Drive Trial Options

Check out all the additional product info about Xi Frame in our public documentation and our change log. As a cloud service, we’re updating the platform approximately once a week, so as we go forward into 2020, we’ll continue populating the Frame blog with updates on features, tips and tricks, best practices and customer stories. Lastly, we love getting your feedback so reach out to your local Nutanix rep and Frame specialist or just tweet us at @frame.  In the meantime, Happy Trialing!

p.s. Why not start now?   Frame 2-hour Test Drive or Frame 30 Day Trial

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