The cup has been flipped. (Part II)

By Lukas Lundell
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Part II: Blood, code, late nights, and cold beer…:

This is Part II of the story “The cup has been flipped”.  Parts I, go here.

Nutanix fridge, circa October 2011.

The training begins.

We stock the Nutanix fridge with ice cold beverages of every variety. We line the only table in our small office with red SOLO cups. Our daily routines are filled with PowerShell, PowerCLI, VMware vSphere and VDI best practices, ESXtop, Python, Splunk, and Arista EOS. Our nights and weekends are spent practicing flip cup and preparing for Actifio’s global VMworld 2013 tournament.

Queue theme music.

For two years we practice. During this time, Nutanix grows from those 20 engineers and a couple of sales folks to a staff of 250+ people in multiple departments and an enterprise-class office. With each new hire comes another person to practice with and learn from.

Bill, Rajiv, and our engineering team program simulations on how the viscosity and surface tension of beer impacts the rotational velocity and momentum of the cup rim while it adheres to a drenched flat surface. David and our operations unit school us on flipping efficiency and fast turnaround times. Howard and our marketing team coach us on the psychology of the game. David, Ken, and our finance team model the statistical outcomes of the flip cup brackets to determine our optimum strategy. Sudheesh and our sales org mentor us in the dynamics of binge drinking. As a company, we bring science and engineering alongside this beautiful competitive art form.

Nutanix training circle, circa December 2011.

The company’s first mission also appears closer as the days pass by. Our engineers build a UI that looks like it came straight out of Cupertino. Our customer base grows along with the capabilities of our disruptive technology. The rest of the industry is flipping out, and our traditional competition has never looked so dull. Instead of innovating, incumbent vendors become reckless with insulting hashtags like #EMsCrewed and #NotAppy. All the while we work and practice for the big day…

Stay tuned for the Part III conclusion of the story, entitled “The coming of a new age”.