Swisslos and Nutanix .NEXT


By Fiona Partlow
| min

An Interview with Joris Vuffray, Head of Network and System Management at Swisslos

Joris Vuffray is the leader of the networking and system management team at Swisslos, a non-profit lottery based in Switzerland. Swisslos recently upgraded its two core data centers to an architecture based on Nutanix’s Virtual Computing Platform to offer customers a flexible, competitive product and future-proof its core infrastructure. Here are some highlights from our most recent conversation with Joris.

Q. Why did you choose Nutanix as the platform for your online lottery business?
A. The two most striking features of the Nutanix platform are its simplicity and speed. Installation and training took just two days. We now operate our 200 Linux VMs on two Nutanix appliances. The implementation can easily support over 11 million page views per month. We put our money on Nutanix, the only vendor that could offer a comprehensive KVM-based solution for our latency-sensitive VMs, as well as an extended management capability to handle in-depth operational analysis, control, and API-based adjustments.

Q. What improvements did you see on the Nutanix platform?
A. By implementing Nutanix, the response times of each our functional applications decreased to milliseconds. That was a massive improvement in speed across all of our infrastructure and increased customer satisfaction overall.

Q. Will you be attending the Nutanix .NEXT conference this June?
A. Yes, I want to hear about all of the new features that will be in the next Nutanix releases as early as possible so we can plan accordingly. I am also looking forward to sharing our experience with other Nutanix customers. It will be great to learn from other people who are also using the solution – I want to hear more about all of their use cases. We can all learn from each other, saving possible headaches in the future.

Q. Can you tell us a little bit about what you will be presenting at .NEXT?
A. Yes I am presenting a session, but no, I can’t tell you about it yet! I will be talking about a new solution Nutanix will be announcing at the conference. It’s going to be a real game-changer in the world of datacenter infrastructure, both hardware and software. It was immediately evident to me that what Nutanix is doing here is visionary. We were able to try it out here at Swisslos, and it was clear that Nutanix hit the jackpot with this product. It makes it very easy for system administrators to manage their virtual environments – it removes all of the complexity and enables them to focus on the applications instead.

Q. Any closing comments or points you like to add?
A. I am very proud to be a presenter at the Nutanix .NEXT user conference! It’s a great opportunity to share what we’re doing here at Swisslos, and I’m excited to tell others about some of the next-generation features that Nutanix is offering. I will see all of you in Florida!

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