Size and Design Your Web-Scale Datacenter with Nutanix Sizer

By Laura Whalen
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Do you know the best Nutanix appliance model for running your specific application workloads? Do you know how many Nutanix nodes you need for optimal capacity and performance? Do you know what the rack layout, power, and cooling requirements are for your Web-Scale data center? With Nutanix Sizer, a part of the Nutanix “Nirvana” Service Delivery Platform, there is no need to do complex math to find out.

This free, commercial-grade sizing tool allows customers, partners, and consultants to get accurate sizing information quickly for custom workloads. Using the best-practice rules and methodologies that are followed by sales and solution engineers, this tool eliminates the guesswork and complexity that can be involved in determining the best solution for your scenario.
Key features of the Nutanix Sizer include:

  • Recommendations for VDI and server virtualization workloads
  • Visual display of recommend nodes in cluster and racks
  • Bar chart display of capacity utilization
  • Ability to size multiple design scenarios
  • Ability to save workload details for later use

How it works:
The Nutanix Sizer takes the Nutanix workload as input, generates the sizing information, and recommends the Nutanix configuration that best meets the requirements of the workload. The tool also provides an accurate visual representation of the recommended configuration, displaying the organization of the nodes into racks and clusters.
Start sizing your workload for free with the Nutanix Sizer! Please provide us with your feedback going forward, and let us know about any additional features you would like us to consider in future versions.
Parmeet Chaddha
Nutanix, Inc.