Safety First with Nutanix AOS 5.8

By Mike Wronski
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It’s the first week of July, so here in North America where Nutanix is headquartered, that means Canada and the United States are celebrating the birth of their nations (Canada Day & Fourth of July) with BBQ, picnics, and of course fireworks. Not wanting to leave anyone out of the July fun, Nutanix is giving all of our customers a reason to celebrate – AOS 5.8 has been released and is available for download on the customer portal.

These celebrations are typically highlighted by fireworks – both big professional shows and people lighting their own, creating personalized, festive shows filled with color and sound. As a kid, the adults would always dampen the mood with their safety talk: “you’re too young,” “those things are dangerous,” “you’ll blow yourself up.” Reflecting, I know they were mostly right. As with most things, safety comes from experience, knowledge, and preparation, and those things don’t sound like fun to a kid and even to an adult who’s caught up in the moment.

Safety and security can frequently be an afterthought to the primary goal, but they don’t have to be. Followers of Nutanix know that we have a strong focus on security for our platform. We think about it and implement features so our customers can spend less time doing audits or implementing security. We strive to provide features that enable customers to operate safer, protect data better, or just sleep better at night knowing their applications and data are safe. In AOS 5.6, we released Nutanix Flow to help secure applications via network microsegmentation; now with AOS 5.8, along with the expected tweaks and fixes, we are introducing even more security enhancements with a focus on encryption and identity management.

Data at Rest Encryption

Nutanix has had support for encrypting data to prevent theft or loss using self-encrypting-drives (SEDs) for quite some time. Back in December 2017, we released AOS 5.5 with support for FIPS compliant software-based encryption, removing the need for the more costly SEDs in some use cases. Now, we are taking this even further. With AOS 5.8, we provide built-in local key management (LKM) for software-based encryption. Once again, Nutanix provides options – customers can choose SED drives or software-based data encryption and decide if their use cases or business needs require an enterprise key management (EKM) solution from one of our great ecosystem partners or if the built-in key management functionality is sufficient. Our LKM solution inherits the high availability and distributed architecture of the core Nutanix Enterprise Cloud platform, providing a robust solution for software-based data encryption that can be deployed with the 1-click simplicity Nutanix is known for. You can read more in out detailed feature blog post from our product management team.

SAML 2.0 Support

Identity and authentication may not be the most exciting features, but they are a primary part of building a secure environment. No one likes managing passwords for multiple applications or platforms; to make this easier, Nutanix has implemented SAML 2.0 authentication mechanisms for Prism Central, which enable multiple authentication options like Single Sign On (SSO) to ease the pains of password management or add additional security via 2-factor authentication.

So, hit up our website, download AOS 5.8, and check out the new security features. Let the 1-click upgrade take care of your environment while you spend quality time with family and friends and maybe even light some fireworks to celebrate the time saved securing your environment with Nutanix.

If you are new to Nutanix, please send us a note at We can’t wait to introduce you to Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform.

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