Reminder: VCDX Study Workshop for Mock Defenses at VMware HQ (Oct 4-5)

By Mark Brunstad
| min

As everyone in the VCDX community knows, Nutanix is a huge supporter of the program. VCDX demands the very best from exceptionally skilled solution architects – and excellence in solution design and delivery for our customers is what we’re all about. It’s why we have 10 VCDXs on staff and hope to sponsor many more as we continue hyper-growth.

Next week is crunch time for candidates across the globe. There will be simultaneous VCDX Design Defenses in Frimley, UK, Singapore, and Palo Alto, CA. I’m a bit sad that these will be the first Design Defenses in 3 years where the candidates don’t have my direct support as manager of the program, but thanks to the efforts of VCDX125 (Mr. Derek Seaman) and the commitment of Nutanix, we can do something special for the candidates coming to Palo Alto!

As you may know, Nutanix is sponsoring a room this weekend at the Crowne Plaza in Palo Alto, CA for mock defenses, Q&A, and general preparation. I am working with Derek to get the message out to the local VCDXs, so candidates can benefit from their experience as they prepare for the big day.

If you are a VCDX candidate who is flying in this weekend OR an existing VCDX in the Bay Area and you’d like to contribute, you should plan to spend some time at the VCDX Study Workshop this weekend! Please email Derek Seaman to RSVP, and get the details about location and schedule. I’m sure you will benefit greatly from the VCDXs’ guidance and experience, as they help prepare you for your defense next week.

Very best of luck to all candidates next week, and I hope to see your names in the VCDX Directory shortly.

Mark Brunstad

Manager nu.School