Nutanix Xpress: Warm Welcome to the Global 200,000

by Dheeraj Pandey

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This morning on May 24th, 2016, we announced Nutanix Xpress – our first product line dedicated just to small and medium sized businesses.

In the last 4.5 years of selling, the company has focused on building the brand in large (G2000) and midsize (G5000) enterprises. The time had come to democratize our technology, and make it available to small businesses around the world. Small companies have predictable and elastic workloads, and would either own or rent computing, based on their spend patterns and data safe harbor needs. In this coming decade, the SMB world will be in need of the public cloud as well as an enterprise cloud that mimics its public counterpart — with virtues of pay-as-you-grow, invisible operations, and consumer-grade consumption of IT infrastructure. “An army of one” IT department needs a break from disparate components, boxes, and multiple panes of glass. They need an experience that avoids the tax of a separate storage device, an expensive hypervisor license, and a complex array of management consoles to manage their infrastructure.

Technologies transform to true platforms when they become ubiquitous, i.e., they are deployed in tens of thousands of (returning) customers. Oracle, NetApp, Microsoft, VMware, Salesforce, and Palo Alto Networks have such ubiquity. They shine in the large enterprise, and they bring delight to the SMB simultaneously. Rarely has the world of business-to-business IT seen SMB-only standalone companies that are built to last as independent entities. Innovation must trickle down from the large enterprise to the SMB, and trickle up (against gravity!) from the SMB to the large enterprise. The SMB “crucible” readily embraces the velocity of continuous innovation — and questions the status quo of design and usability — in novel ways that sometimes its more conservative large enterprise counterpart does not. AWS and Salesforce in the SMB are perfect examples of how consumption models trickled up from the small to the large enterprise.

Nutanix cannot be a true platform company without winning the final frontier of the SMB market. That is why Xpress is important for us.

When we designed Xpress, we didn’t want to follow the path of throw away brands. Traditionally, companies have used disparate identities to denote market segments (think Toyota vs. Lexus). But if you look at the modern day companies selling to different markets well, they have two characteristics in common – consistent core technology and consistent brand promise. From Tesla Model S to Model 3, to Amazon Kindle, to headphone companies like Beats – modern day segmentation leverages a strong platform to customize for new markets. Take Uber for example – from Uber Pool designed for the college student, to Uber Black designed for the finance executive to new services just for the European market – this company has mastered the ability to provide for the different segments without a subpar product.

Xpress Car Image

Our experience with enterprise environments has taught us lots of lessons. Yet, the SMB has very distinct needs. The ability for a single, do-it all admin to manage and learn to operate this technology in addition to the various tasks given to him/her every day. The ability for a single platform to meet versatile workload needs, as this could very well be the only platform in the whole office. The ability to deploy, manage and scale without disrupting critical business functions and without requiring specialized skills. We realize this because we too were an SMB not long ago and we hear stories everyday – stories around the world of companies who would love to have a technology that could give them hours back in the day, help them focus on remaining competitive, and most importantly provide their end users with a high quality experience.

As we designed Xpress, there were a lot requirements that had to hold true for us to bring a product to market. How do we make no compromise on quality or experience yet bring a product that’s affordable to the SMB? How do we ensure that new levels of simplicity are achieved in deploying, managing, and supporting Xpress? How do we build for the SMB who has never virtualized before to the SMB who is weighted down with licensing costs from years past? And how do we build a true future proof solution for SMBs who want to move into the era of public cloud services and do so in an impactful, organized way? These were the design principles as we set out to bring Xpress to life.


Nutanix Xpress

Nutanix Xpress, at its core, is our foray to bring the enterprise cloud platform to small and medium businesses. It’s a simple, turnkey solution which consists of one platform with software integrated from factory. From native virtualization, to back up to public cloud, to one click management – we wanted to design for the day to day needs of SMBs. We realize this is just the beginning of the frontier – we have a journey ahead to develop for the SMB from head to toe – from install wizards, to one click app templates, to new levels of invisible virtualization. Simultaneously, we cannot wait to help shape our enterprise product as the SMB user behavior trickles to our enterprise design principles. Highlights of the offering include:

  • All-in-one solution: A complete hyperconverged offering that natively integrates server, storage and virtualization in a single, space-saving platform
  • Plug and Play: All software factory pre-installed and ready to run nearly any virtualized application for small and medium businesses
  • Built-in virtualization: Built-in Nutanix AHV hypervisor and powerful VM management eliminates expensive virtualization licensing costs – no additional software components to install and manage
  • Future-proof: Easy data backup to public cloud services, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure, to deliver a practical cloud strategy
  • Three year support: Award-winning support from Nutanix technical teams and the Nutanix NEXT community of IT experts

We are excited to embark on this new act starting with Xpress. Read more about all the product goodness here!

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On June 28th, join us for the one-hour live virtual launch event to hear the product vision directly from Nutanix CEO Dheeraj Pandey and get a download of best practices from SMBs that are already transforming their IT strategy with Nutanix. One lucky attendee will win a Nutanix Xpress Platform! Register today!