Nutanix Technical Account Managers: Enterprise Cloud Value Drivers 

By Richard Howe
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Richard Howe, Director, Nutanix Customer Success
Al Harper, Sr., Technical Account Manager, Nutanix Customer Success

Businesses deploying Enterprise Cloud can benefit from a strategy for maximizing the ROI on their investment: every dollar spent needs to drive genuine operational efficiencies. Our customers have taken advantage of our Technical Account Manager (TAM) customer success offering as a value-focused service designed to:

  • Proactively manage the functionality of the Nutanix cloud ecosystem, including updates, to avoid any pain-points, minimizing downtime and TCO as well as operational risks.
  • Provide an on-demand escalation path to smoothly address unexpected issues at the “speed of business,” and perform root-cause analysis to prevent re-occurrence.
  • Generate regular reviews, backed by detailed reporting, of the client’s unique usage environment. Reporting includes proprietary service analytics on key variables like uptime, hardware/software reliability, and utilization.
  • Maximize the lifecycle availability of the investment, ensuring vital systems are prepared for crunch-time demands.Enable operational agility with joint planning/training for new projects.

Previously known as the Technical Relationship Manager or TRM, the Nutanix TAM team attacks the wasted time by letting clients leverage Nutanix’s own team of subject matter experts. Seamless knowledge transfer, proactive issue management, and tightly-coordinated support are together a proven path to maximal ROI from technology investments.

The TAM customer success service is provisioned based on deliverables and service outcomes, not time-based engagements. Operating during normal business hours and backed by a 24×7 escalation and notification system, we created our TAM framework for clients in need of a true business technology service partnership.

It is important to understand that our TAMs don’t just resolve issues. They analyze their client’s environment, proactively recommend solutions, and help build organizational knowledge with lasting value.


Mini Case Study: Time is Money

For instance, a major national financial services institution recently added our TAM service. Their company operated well over 1,500 customer-facing locations across the United States.

They are new to Nutanix, and in the process of migrating their entire business to the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud OS. Facing introductory educational needs, a complex deployment, and business critical systems where failures can cause immediate revenue damage, our client needed an option to ease the burden imposed by this immense management challenge.

They opted for the TAM from Nutanix to assist their staff with onboarding and training, all while acting as a trusted consultant as their user-base rapidly scales up.

Acting as a single point of contact, the assigned TAM dramatically reduces workflow pressure on our client’s staff, proactively coordinating between the customer, Nutanix Services, Nutanix Support, Product Management, and the specific Account Team.

Providing a direct pipeline for rapid issue resolution, our TAM cuts through the fog of initial knowledge transfer and scaleup, allowing the full value of the Nutanix cloud to become tangible as quickly as possible.

The impact of TAM is material – from minimizing downtime to expediting resolution of program, and from eliminating potential risks to proactively planning upgrades of your environment to accelerating technology adoption. Whether your organization is in the initial stages of deploying Nutanix Enterprise Cloud solution or all-in and rapidly scaling up, sign up for a 1:1 briefing to understand specific areas where a TAM can help drive efficiencies and higher return on your Nutanix investments.

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