Nutanix Named One of Bay Area’s Most Attractive Startups for Engineers by LinkedIn

By Adam Moreland
| min

Nutanix was just named one of the top ten most attractive startups for Bay Area engineers by LinkedIn! So, how’d we get where we are today? I was interviewed as part of the recognition and below is a short transcript of the interview.

LinkedIn: How would you describe Nutanix?
Kevin: Modest ambitious innovators who execute.

LinkedIn: Tell me about your recruiting team.
Kevin: We are a team of five that strives to create the best possible candidate experience. All of us take great pride in getting to know who we are connecting with; hiring managers & candidates. Building rapport and trust in a short period of time will yield success for all parties, with a positive end result: a hire.

LinkedIn: It’s a highly competitive market for engineering talent. How do you lure quality candidates for your engineering roles?
Kevin: First, we are fortunate to have the opportunity to disrupt a multi-billion dollar IT industry with truly innovative technology that can be consumed by mainstream enterprises. The demand for converged data center infrastructure has driven explosive growth, and established Nutanix as a exciting and dynamic environment for engineers. And convergence is a theme with our hiring as well – we have become a hub of converged talent, from leading companies & disciplines globally. This diversity of background and ideas has helped us attract more people of a similar nature.

Second, our benefits are second to none. The company’s medical and dental plan is paid for 100% by the company, and that extends not only to employees but to their dependents, too. This is part of Nutanix’s commitment to employee care, and tangibly demonstrates the value we place in our team.

LinkedIn: How do you engage with hiring managers?
Kevin: The same way we get to know candidates; ask the right questions.

  • Identify the top three problems you are trying to solve – not just tomorrow, but for the next 24 months.
  • How will someone be successful in this role? Don’t hire just skill sets – recruit high aptitude talent that can grow with the company.
  • Why is what we do “cool” and will it have a lasting impact? Make sure that the hiring managers are able to ‘sell’ the company.
  • Do you know anybody?

LinkedIn: What’s the key in being successful as a recruiting organization?
Kevin: There is nothing novel; it’s all in execution. I like to follow three principles:

  • Treat all with respect, kindness and honesty. Not everyone is the right fit for a high growth start-up. But for those that want the challenge, these are the attributes that we leverage to attract and retain talent.
  • Listen more, talk less. High-caliber engineers always have career choices. Listen to what their aspirations are, and you have a better chance of finding the right person for the long term.
  • Be specific about the “why” the industry, company, product and people.

At Nutanix, we work well together without finger pointing and skepticism.

It’s great to work with people you can learn from. And what have I learned? You grow an organization with talent, vision, execution and a dash of luck.