Multi-Cloud Governance At Your Fingertips - Nutanix Beam

By Gil Haberman
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Today we proudly announce the general availability of Nutanix Beam, a new software as a service (SaaS) offering that delivers multi-cloud governance as part of the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud OS. This announcement marks another significant step in our commitment to enable organizations to deliver a multi-cloud architecture as part of their digital transformation journey.

The Nutanix Enterprise Cloud OS already enables organizations to automate application provisioning and lifecycle management across multiple clouds with Calm, and empowers end-users with self-service using the Nutanix Marketplace. Beam complements our approach by adding business-level insights to deliver cloud governance and cost optimization across multiple environments.

Governance Challenges in A Multi-Cloud World

In conversations with customers we often hear of key challenges organizations face incorporating public cloud assets into their portfolio. Many application owners and technology budget owners are surprised by the unexpectedly high costs of their cloud services and find it challenging to achieve adequate usage governance across the organization. To prevent uncontrolled cloud spend, and to enable more accurate resource planning, cloud teams often seek better visibility and control of actual service consumption throughout their cloud environments.

One-Click Optimization Driven by Machine Intelligence

Nutanix Beam provides organizations with deep visibility and rich analytics detailing cloud consumption patterns, along with one-click cost optimization across their cloud environments. Cloud operators are empowered with intelligent planning capabilities to make informed purchasing decisions based on application needs and business objectives.

The launch of Beam is based on the acquisition of Minjar and the integration of Botmetric – a highly rated cloud management service that has already managed $1B in cloud spend – into the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud OS. In this post, I’d like to share a few common ways customers have been benefiting from the service:

Cloud Visibility and Cost Optimization

Beam tracks cost consumption across all cloud resources at both aggregate and granular levels – per application workload, team and business unit. This type of visibility helps IT and cloud teams identify the cost drivers of applications across multiple clouds and departments, and gain insight into future projections of costs across services and teams.

Nutanix Beam is unique in that it not only identifies underutilized and unused cloud services, but also provides one-click remediation, empowering cloud operators to realize cost savings immediately and set policies to continuously maintain high levels of cloud efficiency. Often, old snapshots, unused volumes or idle RDS instances drive significant costs, so operators can simply eliminate these resources in one-click as shown below.

Centralized Financial Governance

As cloud environments grow, the need to centralize control across multiple teams becomes critical. Cloud operators and business owners need a systematic way to map consumption to business units.

Beam visualizes resources by groups and departments, empowering cloud operators to manage their usage and enforce policies based on allocated budgets. In some cases, this leads to better accountability by identifying which teams are driving cloud spend and ensuring that owners can make data-driven decisions. In addition, Beam provides policy-based reporting and chargeback, so that teams can ensure consumption is within budget and aligns with business objectives.

Intelligent Consumption Planning

Cloud providers offer multiple purchasing options that can yield significant savings when utilized effectively. However, navigating the complexity of multiple options across a number of cloud accounts using variety of services can be challenging. Beam makes this planning process easy using machine intelligence and recommendation algorithms that analyze workload patterns and continuously suggest optimal purchasing decisions by quantifying the potential cost saving of moving from one model to another. For example, in the below you can see Beam providing insight into on-demand cost vs. reserve instance (RI) and showing RI savings depending on 1 vs. 3 year agreement – simplifying this decision significantly.

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