End of Support for Microsoft Windows Server 2003: Why You Should Care & What You Should Do

By Laura Whalen
| min


You are most likely aware that, as of July 14, 2015, Microsoft will no longer support Windows Server 2003. If you have one of the estimated 24 million servers running Windows Server 2003, you should be concerned. With no patches or security updates running, the unsupported servers could put your data, and your business, at risk.

Luckily, with this challenge, there is also opportunity. Why not take this event as an opportunity to modernize your datacenter? As you can imagine, there have been a great deal of technology updates and innovations since 2003; Virtualization and Cloud technologies, for example, have evolved significantly in the past 10 years.

But where do you start? Depending on the size of your enterprise, you might not even know how many Windows 2003 servers are powering your datacenter, or what applications they’re running. Nutanix is here to help… just download this free Windows Server 2003 Migration Planning Kit to get started. You’ll also find related reference documents and solution briefs, and details about free migration planning services worth up to $10,000 for qualified companies. Considering Microsoft’s estimation that it can take 200 days to migrate, there’s no time to waste!

At Nutanix, we like to mix in some fun, so we’re running a related social media contest. Tweet a photo or video around the theme, “what datacenter hardware would you like to see moved out next?” We’ll award weekly prizes for the funniest tweet showing the oldest or most interesting hardware you’ve got, because, face it, who couldn’t use a laugh when there’s tough task ahead? To enter, tweet your photos and videos using these three hashtags: #Nutanix, #Webscale, #Win2K3

Laura Whalen
Nutanix, Inc.